Yakuza 5 Karaoke Mini Game is a Madness

Kiryu kicks back with some sweet melodies


I finally have the time to play this game, and what do I do? Aside from laying the smacketh down upon unruly punks in the streets of Kamurocho, Kazuma Kiryu melts hearts around the world with his Yakuza 5 Karaoke performances. Well, aside from maybe the last two.

Yakuza 5 has a fair few mini-games, including Ramen King, wherein Kiryu helps out behind the counter of a local Ramen Shop. I personally love these little side activities, despite how clunky the game can be as a whole. Enjoy what we have coming up!

Yakuza 5 Karaoke
Kiryu Rocks Your Socks Off in Yakuza 5 Karaoke

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