Train Valley Played By A Special Guest, Sublevel Zero Launch Reaction & Screenshot Saturday Highlights – Indie Update


Welcome back to the MGL Mix gamers, this week we are looking at more indies! Last week saw Sublevel Zero Blast onto Steam with a Fantastic Review from Us given it’s addictive quality and outstanding design.Over the weekend someone saw Train Valley Played by a special guest in Respawn Rossco’s daughter. She even takes to the MGL recording studio to give her thoughts on the game. We also have a look at the highlights of ScreenShot Saturday on Twitter with some very interesting ideas out there.

There is a BIG apology however! This video would normally contain all the other components of the MGLMix together however, due to a Vodka related error, this his not happened this time! Many apologies gamers but you can see them all individually.

*Please note, this was recorded on the 11th October 2015

Enjoy and Game On

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