We’re going EGX Rezzed interview mad today with 3 video interviews of some awesome Indie Games coming up along with the ones for Sublevel ZeroMonstrum and Her Story & Taphobos already on My Games Lounge right now. We’re starting with Versus Evil and Lance James (along with his trade mark can of Red Bull) speak with us about Toren and Kyn, two stunning Indie Games on show at Rezzed that really stood out as something special. We also got hands on with all the Versus Evil Games & Our Impressions Are HERE.

For sheer quality of gaming the Versus Evil room was one of the best at the entire event and a number of games developers they are supporting have some interesting titles.

Enjoy the interview & Remember we have more coming up including Eden Star later this afternoon and Guild Wars 2 Expansion: Heart of Thorns this evening. To Make sure you don’t miss out, bookmark the EGX Hub Page below:


Toren Info

Toren is a puzzle/adventure game with beautiful graphics, innovative and immersive gameplay, which leads the player through an introspective and captivating journey using the most deep concepts.

Toren Screen

Built around an epic poem, the game takes the audience in a torrent of discoveries about the greatest myth of all, the meaning of life.

Toren is a game in development, with transformation in mind, using an environment with a constant threat: a relentless enemy. The experience desired for the player is the human struggle against time and mortality.

A game to be experienced, in which the player will grow and change along with the tower and its heroes.

Kyn Info

Kyn is a single-player video game that mixes exciting team combat with an engrossing world worth exploring.

In the world of Kyn, magic is a widely feared power that has lead to many tragedies in the past. Only the brightest and most skilled warriors are allowed to use it.

Rumors of terrible abuse of magic are becoming more frequent. And there are signs that the peace in your realm will not last much longer.



Control up to six powerful warriors in tactical combat that rewards making smart decisions in tough situations. Pick your favorite skills and equipment, and lay waste to your enemies!

In Kyn observing your environment is a matter of life and death. When you are defending an area, traps and defensive skills will make short work of the enemy. But putting an arrow in the knee of a running scout is much easier with a great bow and swift feet.


Kyn is full of interesting characters and mysteries long forgotten. Achieving your goals is not always straightforward. Don’t despair though, take a look around, interact with the locals. It will surely be worth the effort.

Travel to ancient ruins filled with intricate puzzles. Visit lush landscapes and snowy mountains and overcome their obstacles. Help neighboring cities as they struggle in the war. And in the end, unlock the mysteries of the world of Kyn.

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