Well there is only one way to do something as epic as The Witcher 3, you go all in and do it the hard way. As the gameplay and look at the game shows in the video above you’ll see that the game is awesome already and Our Positive First Impressions look to be continuing to grow the more each of us play.

I’m really enjoying the top difficulty and it’s certainly making me think about how I play. In the video I touch on some things but often it’s hard to get everything in properly in spoken word so below are some things that I have found myself and some general things I’ve noticed around the web too.


Quick Attack is your Friend

In an early confrontation with a few enemies I did a classic trick of using heavy attacks to quick kill BUT the enemies are quite crafty and the moment they see it coming they will back the hell off and you miss, leaving you open to attack and a quick death. Even a minion can do this so in the fight like in the video with a big Griffin you’re dead in two hits, maybe 3.

Use the quick attack instead combined with dodge (see below) and this will make for a longer battle but if you upgrade it and die less, your time isn’t wasted as much.

Don’t Keep Rollin’ (Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’, What?)

Sorry for the Limp Biscuit reference but it was in my head as I wrote it! Yeah, roll is a pain and it’s best to just quick dodge for the distance. Rolling is habitual to me along with heavy attack but in this case a pull back and quick strike is often the answer plus it gives some time to activate Quen..

Use the Force…field

Quen is your friend and can make all the difference. It protects you from hits like a force field and while it smashes after a hit, and may even lose a little of your health they fact you hear and see it smash means that is your que to back off and get out of the way.

This needs your magic to charge back again however so keep your distance if you are waiting to activate it again.

Get on your horse!

I noticed this around the web and it really, really works in tight spots. Get on that horse and ride around big groups of enemies and slash at them with your sword and it will really clear the way plus give you time to heal up if you have taken a few hits yourself.

This is an RPG remember

While something’s are a bit different here you need to get the basics done. Go to notice boards and get the side missions and do them! Get rewards and the experience points and upgrade Geralt logically. You are likely to take some hits so go for things that give you more life, more endurance and better at getting out of the way. Upgrading Quen is also a good idea.

Explore the land on your horse and find things but save regularly if there is an adventure that is slightly above your abilities.

A few general things from around the web state that it’s best not to sell weapons and armour, instead break it into components you can use for Alchemy and crafting. And, while I haven’t got there myself, if you are short on cash go to the bank, you have a form of currency they will swap for gold.


That’s it for now, another update on my Death march over the weekend and next week. Don’t just take my word for things either, if you have some tips of comments on The Witcher 3, Join the MGL Gamers now and Leave a Tip In the Comments or get in touch on Twitter or on our Facebook Page.

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