The Game Awards Podcast Plus PlayStation Experience Thoughts With Game N Respawn

The Big Categories in The Game Awards 2016 Discussed Plus Our Thoughts On The PSX 2016 And More Peruse The News!


Game ‘N Respawn have been talking about gaming once again and this week they bring you The Game Awards Podcast with some discussion on The PlayStation Experience too, something we’ve Previewed on MGL here. 

They discuss, at length the potential Game of the year winner along with a number of other categories. They debate between Titanfall 2 and CoD Infinite Warfare campaigns following reviews. Plus david campaigns for Xenoblade Chronicles X to win RPG of the year.

The pair also discuss their hopes for the PlayStation Experience and what they really want to see. You can read Rossco’s preview on this in more detail Right Here.

Peruse the news is back too, looking at gaming news around the web. Links to these articles are below. They also completely loose it over a word that sounds a bit like male genitalia. It’s highly childish and the outtake of them giggling like children is a the end, if you stay around that long!

If you are crazy enough to listen to them, watch on the YouTube video or have a listen on SoundCloud below. They have nothing better to do than read your comments so use Disqus below to share your thoughts.



In This Week’s Peruse the news

  1. Best Amazon UK Deals, Best PlayStation Deals, Best Xbox One Deals, 4k TV Deals
  2. Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained adds two new developers

  3. Obsessive Anime Comparisons Between TV And Blu-ray Versions

  4. Capcom Vancouver defends Dead Rising 4’s “super-polarising” changes
  5. Street Fighter V’s Akuma Reveal Might Not Be What You Expect, In A Good Way, Says Ono

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Check out last week’s episode on Final Fantasy XV by clicking the image

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