So we got a small amount of bad news this week that Batman Arkham Knight was unfortunately going to be Delayed a Few Weeks in order to give the game some more development time. Now considering that The Witcher 3 and other games like Project Cars have also been put back it was starting to get a bit frustrating.

Initially we reacted with a sigh and a head down… no tears… honest. Then I watched the gameplay video designed to make us feel better about it all… and I’ve got to say it did! Immediately I was once again stunned buy the new look Arkham game and to see the Batmobile Sequence in action was something else. The fact the game was seamless between gameplay and movie sequences (clearly done in game engine) and the fact everything just looks so smooth, I’m now more than happy for a slight wait if the rest of the experience is going to be that good!

The video, which was supposed to go out yesterday but a few issues delayed it, talks about the game and the delay and the potential remastered versions of Batman Arkham Asylum and City which in my opinion is a good thing.

Enjoy, once again Like Yesterday’s Bloodborne MGLMix Video sincere apologies for the sound quality. A new microphone is on it’s way… not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing though… 😉

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