PlayStation & Xbox at EGX 2015 – MGLMix Hands-On Impressions


Welcome back to the MGLMix Gamers and this week we are back with a bang! We went to EGX Birmingham just over a week ago and saw some outstanding gaming while we were there and today we have a number of videos for you on Respawn Rossco’s thoughts following some quality games shown at EGX. Here you can check out my thoughts on PlayStation & Xbox at EGX 2015.

PlayStation were lacking in a lot of first party titles, other than the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection and Shadow of the Beast which were entertaining games the focus was all on VR and while they all make me want to chuck my guts up, expect coverage on those from other MGL writers!

Xbox on the other hand had some very big first party titles in Halo 5 Guardians which was very impressive in it’s multiplayer but has a certain Destiny feel to it now. Then Rise of the Tomb Raider which seems to have taken an already outstanding formula from the first game and improved on it for the new generation consoles.

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