#GamingIsComing! As Crazy Gaming Season is Upon us MGL Mix Videos Return New & Improved


Welcome back to the MGL Mix gamers, it’s been a while but I, Respawn Rossco am back with some updates, news, discussion points and more in a new look MGL Mix. The new videos launch today and will hit every week through busy season. And we are needing to get ready because #GamingIsComing!

After a break to look after my newborn son, a new gamer born in may, videos had to take a back seat to written content, games conference coverage and… Changing nappies.

At least they are not my own just yet.

So what’s going on in the video. First you get an update from me and all about MGL. Following this, and for all weekly MGL videos, available Monday or Tuesday in case of Bank Holidays, you will get a full length video on gaming split into sections.

*Please note, this was recorded on the 7th of September and is slightly late going out. All future entries will release on Mondays but for holidays and exceptional circumstances.

Enjoy and Game On.

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