This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the content has been altered however. It’s time for your weekly episode of the #MGLMix! The first episode was a Watch Dogs special and Introduction, here is your first weekly episode!

Check the video above for this week’s video where we go though:

  • Watchdogs and how you can get in touch with us on Twitter – @MyGamesLounge– by using the new tag: #WatchDogging featuring tweets by the Gav of War!
  • Murdered Soul Suspect – Impressions so far & review details.
  • #IndieDevHour on Twitter, how you as Indie Games and Indie Devs can not only get involved on Twitter but also get games profiled on My Games Lounge!
  • E3 Coverage, featuring a new special edition this coming Friday where we’ll go through all the weeks events and our E3 Coverage for the biggest showcase in gaming on the 9th of June, which we…

Want Your Tweets For!!!

E3 is coming and for our special on Friday, we not only want your #WatchDogging Tweets, we also want you to TAG #MGLMix On Twitter or get in the #MGLMix Forum and send your hopes, thoughts and concerns for E3. We’ll get them on the show and talk about them!

Get involved with us, we love talking gaming and want you involved.

If you missed the first episode and want to know what it’s all about, check out the detail below:


We will be covering:

  • The latest gaming news including –
    • All the Big E3 News coming our way in the coming weeks
    • The amazing #IndieGame community, including developments from our friends on #IndieDevHour & #IndieDevs who are registered on our site!
    • Developments across gaming and what we think of them
  • What’s happening on MGL
    • Our latest Features, Reviews and Blogs
    • Live Streaming and YouTube content
  • Social Media Interaction
    • My Games Lounge members can submit comments and questions via our #MGLMix Forum, Or
    • Tweet us @MyGamesLounge using the #MGLMix with your gaming questions and opinions, or
    • Leave us comments on our Facebook page, or even
    • Comment on our YouTube Channel
    • All of these will potentially be on the show along with a shot of you’re social media page… worth it just for the shout out surely!
  • More and more to come
    • It’s new! So of course we’ll do different things, want to see something on there? Send us a Tweet, Comment on Facebook or get involved in the Forum and let us know what you want to see!

Please enjoy the video and look forward to the next installment this coming Monday with more from Watch_Dogs, all the build up with E3 one week away and anything you put in the new #MGLMix Forum or Tweet us will be on there.

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As always, the #MGLMix is designed to inform and entertain. We can be a bit silly but never wish to offend so all things on there are to be taken as just in the interests of fun and entertainment.

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