Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Fast Exp Tip

Get your Squad ranks up quickly with this brief trip through Bruhl in our Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Fast Exp Tip video!


Long ago, in the deepest forums of GameFAQs, one individual reached out for help in the world of Valkyria Chronicles. Enter elite_marksman, armed with strategies that’d rival those of the greatest tacticians throughout history. This user presented the people with a quick and easy tip to earn major experience for your squads in a short time. There may be better methods, but this is as sound as any. Thus, our Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Fast Exp Tip video was born!

Silliness aside, this strategy really helped me in the finale of the game. It’s fairly simple:

  • Launch the Windmill Plaza Skirmish (Normal)
  • Position Alicia (preferably with a strong rifle equipped), Rosie, Largo and a Sniper.
  • Use the Sniper to take out the early Shocktrooper on the left.
  • Move the Edelweiss to just before the land-mines ahead of you and launch an ISARA Smoke Grenade between the tank and the scout.
  • Alicia is next. Her first move should take her past the tank. Be sure to keep left after moving through the smoke cloud to avoid Shocktrooper interception fire.
  • Move Alicia again. This move should take you to just outside the enemy base camp. Throw a grenade behind the sandbag between the sniper and the Heavy AT Cannon. This should kill their sniper.
  • Alicia again. Move her to the flag and get a good, clean shot on the Heavy AT Cannon. It may take a few turns, but once defeated, capture the flag in the same turn.
  • You’re done! 55,800 experience and 111,000 of the game’s money (DCT I think?) belongs to you in around a minute or two. Rinse and repeat for pure joy.

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