Foul Play Mess About Lets Play

Bad voice acting from myself in this Foul Play Mess About Lets Play. Enjoy the show!


In the latest of our new video series, we bring to you the Foul Play Mess About Lets Play!

Featuring David Game and his younger brother; Jordan the Harvester, we take you through the first stage of Foul Play (having completed Foul Play myself, Dashforth’s attacks are all unlocked) and do a bit of terrible voice acting along the way.

I’m currently in the process of reviewing this game, which suffers from a co-op bug issue, but Mediatonic have responded via Twitter to inform us that they’re hard at work on a fix.

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So what else are we up to? Well I’m currently in the process of reviewing the aforementioned Foul Play and Pumped BMX Plus, which will also get a Mess About when I’m able. Respawn Rossco is currently cannon-balls deep in Uncharted 4 and he’ll be handling that review for you all. In the meantime, he has written up a pretty great opinion piece on his history with Uncharted and its influence on gaming. We’d really appreciate it if you gave it a read.

As always, thank you for watching, reading, enjoying, despising or whatever it is you do whilst you’re here homeslices. Don’t let Azealia Banks bring you down! Bizzle!

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