Just Cause 3 Was Explosive, Homefront: The Revolution Surprising & more EGX Hands-On Impressions – MGL Mix


Welcome back to the MGLMix Gamers and this week we are back with a bang! We went to EGX Birmingham just over a week ago and saw some outstanding gaming while we were there and today we have a number of videos for you on Respawn Rossco’s thoughts following some quality games shown at EGX.

Here you can check out me, Respawn Rossco’s look at the more stand alone games at EGX like the explosive Just Cause 3 that glitched on me and allowed me some sneaky insight into the game’s story along with the standard demo of the open world that was a lot of fun to blast around in. Then one of the surprise games of the event was Homefront The Revolution that was fantastic to play and took the gloss of modern FPS games to bring a gritty, tough and realistic tone to it’s gameplay that really had me impressed.

I also check out Dragon Quest Heroes which was looking very well presented too along with a surprisingly quiet Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 stand and some Rockband too.

There are five MGL Mix Videos out today all covering the best of EGX 2015. Check them out here:

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