Game ‘N Respawn have been talking about gaming once again and this week they have been looking over the results of the Game of The Year 2016 Winners. Gamers got involved on Facebook and now we discuss the winning games.

David Game and Respawn Rossco reflect on the Game Of the Year Categories and discuss the top 3 winners from 5 categories:

  1. Game of the Year for Single Player Experience
  2. Game of the Year for Multiplayer Experience
  3. Game of the Year for Narrative and Acting
  4. Game of the Year for Being Fun To Play
  5. Best BIG Game of the year

Heading to The FINAL ROUND!

Each winner will go head to head for the overall Game Of the Year with the winner revealed on the next Podcast. We also add some new games into the mix as we make our nominations for the “Indie Game of The Year 2016” and, the sure to be funny “Best, Worst Game of The Year 2016”. One for the game that does really well at being really bad!

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Please note, we are working on an alternative to SoundCloud hence the lack of link this week. Also, due to an error the sound on David Game’s recording is a little rougher than usual. You can still hear him though… take that which ever way you like 😉

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