Carmageddon Max Damage Mess About

Check out some first impressions on Carmageddon Max Damage ahead of its UK release on Friday.


Enjoy the Carmageddon Max Damage Mess About. For some baffling reason, I have to write something on a video post. So here you go.

Brief Details

Carmageddon is a car combat action game with real time destruction and repairs on the move. This video shows off one of the four gameplay modes: Checkpoint Stampede. The aim is to reach the required number of checkpoints before the other racers.

Points can be stolen from opponents by destroying their vehicles. Players can also gather power ups to unleash upon their foes, which can help turn the tide of battle.

Other modes include a traditional race through checkpoints as well as a destruction derby type of mode. A full review will go live on the site as of Friday, but for now, please enjoy the brief footage.

Written First Impressions

The cars in Carmageddon are underwhelming. They don’t feel good to control. A pile up of cars brings the experience to a crawl as you push your way out of three cars blocking you in. None of this is particularly exciting.

Some of the power ups provide a moment of joy, but the majority of them are so circumstantial, they’re practically useless.

The ability to upgrade the car you’re using is limited. Though this might lead to a better experience later on, the beginning is far too slow and upgrades come at a snail’s pace.

So far, I don’t hate Carmageddon, but I certainly don’t like it either.

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