Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, The Division & Rainbow Six Infiltrate EGX – MGLMix Hands-On Impressions


Welcome back to the MGLMix Gamers and this week we are back with a bang! We went to EGX Birmingham just over a week ago and saw some outstanding gaming while we were there and today we have a number of videos for you on Respawn Rossco’s thoughts following some quality games shown at EGX.

Here you can watch a video with me, Respawn Rossco and my hands on impressions with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate where I take on a mission as Evie trying to kill a pesky templar in some rather old code but showing off some interesting new tricks in the series… along with some cheesy cockney accents (not just from me). I also played Rainbow Six Siege as we recently found out there is no campaign mode to the game but i’m not so sure it needs it if the game is this good with it’s gameplay right now.

Then there was the pick of the Ubisoft bunch, if arguably one of the games of EGX this year in The Division that really is shaping up to be a quality game… and I’m not sure I even played a particularly good part of what the final game will be.

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