Zombi released as a launch title for the Wii U (as ZombiU), could Zombi make the transition to fully fledged console classic or is it doomed to rot in obscurity?

What is to come will be both a review and a ‘pro-tips’ guide.

Raven Black

Zombi is a Zombie survival horror, which unlike a lot of its patriots actually pushes players to weigh the consequence of rushing in to a scenario, pushing the player to treat each zombie as a threat, from the limited ammo, to the claustrophobic first person view.


Everything about this game is built from the ground up to give a sense, that all is lost, and in the darkness, the desperation you must decide how far you will go, and how much you will risk to survive

You play as a lone survivor, facing the decimated streets of London, where your only company is the voice of a mysterious man, Prepper, he will help you, and others, to survive, because if you die, your mission becomes someone else’s.

Weapons (and prepper pad) ready

In the wasteland of London, guns are scarce, bullets rare, but you have your cricket bat, and some other neat melee weapons, you will get up close, personal, and bloody.

Food and drink, as well as first aid kits are your best bets, but space in your bag is limited, and you will need to reinforce doors, set mines, stay one step ahead of the monsters, stay calm, be prepared, be alive!

The prepper pad will let the all seeing Prepper help you, hacking doors, updating CCTV connections, scanning for zombies via the radar.

More than any weapon your prepper pad will be your best friend, excluding one vital piece of equipment, your torch.

The torch will attract Zombies, but will also illuminate the many dark halls and drops of London and its subway system. With two settings, standard and high beam, your battery will rain at different rates, be careful not to be left in the dark.

Old and New

The torch and melee weapons have been updated, the nailed bat gives more damage, the shovel attacks multiple zombies at once, the bat remains unchanged, the items you had to unlock through Uplay before are now included as standard.

Zombi Review Screen

There is an extra difficulty setting from first launch, a ‘chicken’ setting, as well as the previously shipped survival mode, however same console multiplayer has been revoked, and the map, inventory and other game-pad specific functionality is left behind.

The implantation of the map, radar and quick select options are well achieved in this version, the lighting changes work to improve on an already oppressive and intense game.

I do feel that the most notable addition here in is the difficulty selection, I feel this is maybe pandering too much for gamers to try a game that should be revered as a challenge, and the removal of multiplayer could have been avoided in my opinion (perhaps Smartglass/Vita integration).

The zombies and textures looks much better than the Wii U version, but this doesn’t actually change the experience of the game, in reality it just makes the few easter eggs in the game slightly easier to spot.

It’s the end of the world

With the plot of the game detailed at a middling pace that works for the tension, but at times feels like it could have built on. In what is essentially a second crack at the game, Ubisoft haven’t so much dropped the ball here, it’s more a case of taking something that stood out on the Wii U and redressing it for the larger gaming demographic.

That said Zombi is a port that many others could learn from. It is true to the original, without cheapening the experience, or seeming like a pure cash grab.

Zombi deserves a sequel like its predecessor did, Zombi deserves spotlight, which it at least seems capable of garnishing now that it has a mainstream console outing under its belt.

What the future holds for this post apocalyptic franchise only Ubisoft know, but I for one hope that it gets the grip on the mainstream that its zombies get on the survivors.

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