Ahh, a good old zombie horde game you can take on with friends. With a love for Left for Dead, I was really ready to enjoy some zombie killing in taking on my World War Z review.

While I did have some fun here, there are a few issues that the game suffers from that hold it back from being anything that special however. Although, it’s got enough good points to make it worth a try.

World War Z is a third-person co-op shooter by Saber and Mad Dog games. And available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC right now. For those fans of taking on waves of the undead with friends, it could be one for you.

How Does World War Z Play?

World War Z is your standard, cover-based team shooter. Teams of up to four players make their way through level maps the range in size and style, based in locales from across the world.

The game works in the tried and tested, push forward and hit objectives as they are presented, whilst smashing through seemingly endless hordes of zombies.

There are also special types of zombies, that are bigger, stronger, faster, and attract other zombies.

It’ll feel familiar, and the game is served by embracing its love of set pieces, rather than trying too hard to be something it isn’t.

Locations vary from large, open, overground streets, frozen lakes (complete with crashed planes), to very cramped and crowded buildings, subways, and… of courses there is a mall.

All of the zombies are often moving so fast that it is hard to really get a look at them, but this lends them, a visceral, animalistic quality.

The brutes are imposing, armoured, with a few exposed spots to attack, there are also screamers, often viewed from afar, that are taller, leaner, but mostly because of their role, are easier to take down.

Your mission with all of the visceral, violent goings-on happening, is to move from point A to point B, pressing switches, preparing fixed point defences, and waiting for one AI or another to open a shutter.

Or to silence an alarm… you get the gist.

There are no new ideas here in terms of objectives, but they are at least, always leading to the next mass horde fight.

Presentation And Graphics

World War Z review image 1

The game gives you the opportunity to choose several locales, all of which are well presented.

Each has its own distinct flavour, whilst the characters feel a little defined, the designs are cool, but some of them seem a little too stereotyped.

That said the characters can all use all the (somewhat for show) classes, it wasn’t entirely clear in the solo campaign what the difference was, beyond a few minor, and arbitrary things.

The odd perk, or unlock notwithstanding, I could have simply just had the fixed characters, with fixed skills.

The menus are simple, but effective, with some nice sound work, but where the game really excels is the sheer size of the hordes you face.

We aren’t talking forty, or fifty, we are talking hundreds of zombies. All moving towards you as one, literally piling up on each other to reach high levels. Pouring over the walls of buildings, much as we see in the film of the same name.

Main Features

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World War Z is split into two very different modes. The main campaign in which players are tasked with making their way through the various scenarios.

Here you are trying to survive, fending off the endless hordes, whilst managing the various traps, and special weapons.

The second mode is the versus multiplayer mode, which had sub-modes in my experiences. A standard “most kills wins” team mode. Which plays like a hybrid of gears of war, and the Division, but doesn’t give you any breathing room as zombies spawn in map too.

Then there is also a capture the flag/king of the hill mode, where players have to control and area. Which basically, over and over, became about moving to a point before it became the hill, and capturing it, before being overwhelmed either by the AI horde, or the other players.

The balance is a real issue here, where you level up by achieving kills both in multiplayer versus and the campaign. Players who have been at the game for a long suddenly have a distinct advantage against newer players.

In the early days of the game, it already began to show, as some players are spawned with far more devastating weapons and better defence than their newer counterparts.

Should You Play World War Z?

World War Z review - MGL Uncommon Rating
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The strong suit of this game is its campaign, the versus modes need some work, but actually, this game is a lot of fun, it is fast, frenetic, and slightly unnerving when the horde sprints at you that is.

I would recommend talking to friends who you’ve played Left 4 Dead with, as this certainly scratches that itch.

There is obviously the imbalance in multiplayer to consider when picking this up. It lets the game down somewhat. Plus, most of what you will learn about the various characters is achieved through minor unlockables.

World War Z doesn’t disguise its combat focus, but it doesn’t need to. For the most part that is enough.

Gamers how would suit this game

Left 4 dead, vermintide, and even gears fans may enjoy this lavishly violent shooter, it has all the potential to be something special but falls just a little short of perfect for its genre.

A few quality of life improvements will go a long way to making this game that little bit better

Round Up

The GoodThe BadThe Bugs
Great presentationPoor versus balanceThe odd bit of AI teammate
LOTS of zombiesOverly standard gameplay
Genuinely fun

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