I start the Rally, the tyres of the car skid in the mud, the fog is thick and the course tight, I take the corner, and despite the instruction to hairpin the turn I come in high, and spin out.The back window cracks, as I slam into the boulder. This is my World Rally Championship 6 review, but is it in pole position, or is it lost in the pack?

Find out in detail below as I go over the features of the game, available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It’s certainly a nice looking package to play. It just maybe loses some of the fun along your drive.

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Ok, let’s get our mud flaps nice and dirty…

Right, don’t cut

This game is gorgeous, with robust and well-designed cars, courses and scenery that is pleasing on the eye, and looks familiar. The performance is therefore the first thing I wanted to mention.

World Rally Championship 6 Review 1What this game does, it does well. The way tires look, the accumulation of dirt, the physical damage to cars, the way nets behave. All of it.

These things behave consistently, and the lighting is very good too. The light catches and bounces in ways you would expect, fog feels dense and night time can be a little imposing. Spectators are around too, some in really odd but probably quite realistic places, they can be a little copy-and-paste however.

The grip on the road feels crazy loose when you start playing, but like some of its rally compatriots this is a game designed for the long haul.

Left, then straight

The controls are hard to learn, not in the fundamental sense I must say. Accelerate, brake, handbrake, are all straightforward. But the functionality of how these things are hampered by the conditions or terrain is difficult to master.

This can lead to some interesting scenarios.

One of the time trials I attempted was on a day with intense fog, the scenario I reference in my lead-in, and with the damp, slippery conditions this led to my car spinning off the track and becoming trapped. For this I incurred a time penalty and damage to my car.

There was also the flat tyre. Yes damage and wearing and tear counts, and during championships is cumulative, which is pretty much a genre standard.

In this game you have a large range of difficulties and driving styles that will (if you can figure out where you lay) make it accessible to all gamers.

Hair pin, left

That being said this game isn’t nearly accessible as say, Forza. When a game picks a high information format, like the constant feed of instructions from the pit team, hard left, don’t cut, the instructions come thick and fast.

wWorld Rally Championship 6 Review 2This will push your sensory intake, as do its compatriots. Where the game struggles a little bit is with how much wear and tear it shows. In one of the night settings the car collided with a large boulder, but did not shatter the light.

Whilst I am grateful that this makes the game more accessible, it was curious as I have seen the feature in other games, even repeated collisions didn’t destroy the light.

This is both a blessing and a curse and will, at least on some level, divide the opinions of the game that clings to realism. But not as avidly as say Dirt, but doesn’t ignore it as much as Forza.

And finish

Though it is true of every game ever released, this game will largely be pushing for genre fans, that said, I think that this game excels in presentation but seems caught in two minds about what it wants to achieve.

It is neither hardcore nor realistic enough to please the purists, nor is it anything like accessible enough to entice casuals. And this middle ground it sits in is a good thing in that (unlike some of its contemporaries) it is trying to be more than a fan driven title.

But it is bad for the game, as it almost feels like an attempt to please everyone, when what it should be doing is finding its niche and running with it.

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