Are you ready to get out there and shoot up some Nazis? Well, you should be as first person shoot-em-up Wolfenstein is here with its latest game in the series. One that took best action game at The Game Awards. With its alternate history, in a story of a world where World War 2 went very differently, and it gives us the direct sequel to The New Order. My Wolfenstein 2 review will show exactly why The New Colossus is an outstanding shooter.

And why most of you out there need to pick this great game up as soon as possible! Machine Games and Bethesda have made a real classic, single player experience well worthy of a GOTY award.

With its fast, fluid, violent shooter style, this is truly one of the games of 2017 and one that I will highly recommend as the review goes on. It’s single player only so you come for the traditional first-person campaign action or nothing. But it’s so good, you really do need to experience it, even if it means picking up the first game before you play.

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How does it play?

MGL Gold Gameplay Award stamp image for Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus review
MGL Gold Gameplay Award – A great mixture of the pace of Doom and the methodical nature of the first Wolfenstein game to make the right balance.

Get ready to blow away Nazi after Nazi in this fast and furious shooter. You’ll be blowing things to bits with lasers, shooting off limbs with various weapons and watching them burn. All of which is made even better for the responsive reactions of the enemies you kill. It’s so damn entertaining to play. You don’t even mind when you get reinforcements coming along since you can just do more killing.

The gameplay if primarily focused on action but you can choose to take the slow and steady approach if you want to. Killing is fun either way, but you don’t need to treat it like Dishonored 2 in terms of the stealth approach. Not that there is that ability. It’s more about getting done what you need to in the way that suits each situation best.

One thing that makes the shooting so much fun in the dual wield of weapons fully under your customisation and control. These can all be upgraded, plus swapped for two handed weapons too.

It’s not all about killing, staying alive is also a big part of Wolfenstein and it can get tricky. You’ll need to make sure you raid those dead bodies!

How Is It Compared to Other Bethesda Shooters?

Having played both Old Blood and New Order – which I highly recommend you do as well before you play the sequel. I mean, only a madman plays number 2 of something without playing 1… right? But my point is, I think these games are the best shooters in the Bethesda line-up right now.

I admit I was disappointed by Doom – seems odd to mention Doom here, but give me a chance and I will explain my point.

Doom was a lot faster than Wolfenstein The New Order, and I liked that aspect of it. The reason I mention it here is simple. Wolfenstein 2 the New Colossus feels a lot more like Doom in its gameplay choices. The fast, in your face combat mixed with some of the finest gun play available to modern gamers.

Wolfenstein 2 the New Colossus is fast, fluid, frantic and wildly enjoyable as a gaming spectacle. It manages to combine the best elements of the original game, while taking some of the best qualities that Doom had to offer. It’s truly outstanding and one of the best shooters of this year, if not this console generation.

Presentation and Graphics

Game name review gold gameplay
MGL Gold Presentation Award – Everything in the game is so polished, but the way the characters tell this epic story is the highlight.

Everything here is so very, very polished. Considering the focus of the game is on story and an excellent campaign your characters need to look the part. Everything is just spot on here, especially the face capture and the character models. Particularly during some of the amazing story sequences, Wolfenstein 2 really does blow you away in the visuals department.

Since you’re doing a lot of killing, there’s plenty of blood, gore and shock in this game. But don’t let that fool you, this game is beautiful. There are smooth HUD and textures, well designed levels crafted to keep you moving.

It’s not just in the scenery and people either, they really have gone into every detailed aspect too. The guns you hold and the details on them along with the design, heat from pipes making the air hazy, plus the amazing lighting effects everywhere you go.

All bring the glorious colossus to life in a breathtaking way. Even the artwork when you die (and you will die!) gives you a great many enjoyable screens.

The cast is also utterly outstanding to, more on this in the next section focusing on the story. But other than the well done sound effects, there really is some fantastic voice acting and excellent sound work to boot. Wolfenstein 2 really has it all in terms of look and feel.

Main Features

Game name review gold gameplay
MGL Gold Features Award – This is proof you can still get a top gaming FPS experience based around an outstanding campaign.

So if you aren’t familiar with this iteration of the franchise, let me give you a quick run-down. Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus is set in an alternative history where the second world war is won by the Nazi’s and that they are dominating the world.

They have steam-punk machines and soldiers beyond anything. After the events of New Order and Old blood, you continue the quest to topple the regime. You do so with your band of survivors, fighting the horrors of war.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus is a bloody, violent and unflinching what if story. This is driven by the power of its narrative, gameplay and fantastic moments. With only the single player to play, you will get to experience a story that is dark, powerful and has some of the best moments I’ve played in a shooter.

This is all driven by an outstanding cast in terms of both actors, and the scripting of their characters. Particularly the villain, General Engel who is one of the best antagonists in gaming. Her portrayal by Nina Franoszek is something to experience, particularly those who (like me!) think a great villain makes for the best stories like this.

Wolfenstein 2 goes to show you don’t need more than an outstanding single player experience to make a great game. It’s truly excellent and a must play experience for me.

Should I play this?

If you haven’t played Old Blood and New Order, play those, then absolutely play this game 100%. One of the gamers here did watch the first few games on YouTube instead and they were happy enough, if you want to jump right it.

But there is no excuse here, I am definitely hold this in the highest esteem as far as shooters go. Scratch that, any game should aim to achieve the full realisation Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus achieves. It’s outstanding, one of the best games of the year and this generation. If you have ever enjoyed or thought of trying a first person game, this is the one to play.

Gamers who should…

If you have played any shooter ever, love a challenge. Certainly if you love story; if you love violence’ if you love fast paced action and chaos. Then you, yes you should absolutely play this game, I promise you it is worth the price and the time.

Gamers who probably shouldn’t…

This game absolutely earns that 18 rating! It does so in the first couple of missions alone, never mind the whole game. So if you are easily offended by racism, gore, bad language, injuries, death, violence or Nazis in media, leave this game be. Otherwise, see the above.

Similar games…

Obviously I will compare it to New Order, Old blood, Doom, I’d even compare it to heavyweights such as Halo. This game series is the standard or how shooters should be.

The Good The Bad The Bugs
Great to play Still have to press a button to pick up health (why!?) None during review time
Gorgeous graphics and capture
Well told story
Fantastic characters

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