Light years away from home, just your demons and you alone, Velocity is something like a fever dream, a sci-fi romper-stomper through a rich world, are you ready to have your senses teased in this Velocity 2X Review?

Need For Speed

Velocity starts as a top view, retro space shooter throwback, but quickly offers a deep, challenging and complex experience many of its compatriots are missing.

The game play is neatly split into two distinct styles, and as such offers gamers an experience that doesn’t become monotonous, nor does it over do the complexity so many of its counterparts aim for, yet it’s this humble meets complexity, the games simply executed beauty that sets it apart.

A Game of Two Halves

Velocity is a top view 2D space shooter, with controls harking back to retro era’s gone by, BUT it isn’t just a 2D space shooter, it is also a 2D platformer, the transition between the two styles (done via air locks) is seamless and gives the game a depth it may otherwise lack.

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The transition between visual styles is one thing, but the controls have to make sense, and here they do, the control styles are different without the transition seeming troublesome, and remain intuitive and fun.

The switching of fire buttons for the human and ship weapons works, and is only a little off putting at first, neither play style has any significant flaws, and the teleportation works the same for both modes.

Combat & Puzzles

The other factors to take into account for Velocity, are the combat and the puzzle solving sections. The seamless teleportation allows for courses to snake and swerve in patterns that boggle the mind without being senselessly difficult, in fact even the combat the difficulty arc is just fair enough to keep things challenging, fresh and fun.

The puzzles tend to be a case of doing things in the right order, like shooting things in the numbered order, this then unlocks a force field which unlocks a new part of the course or the next section of things to collect, or the next set of enemies, so on and so forth.

Some of these numbered shooting puzzles even require for players to dock and find the puzzle within the next section of platforming, rather than space.

Scoring and Soaring

Each level has multiple score criteria, this is done with up to four categories, Time, Survivors, Crystals, and Score.

These four factors each contribute, to your end of score performance card, which will give you pie charts for each relevant criteria which effect the picture of the medal you get at levels end.

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Certain levels don’t have survivors to save, certain levels don’t have crystals to collect. This allows you to have different approaches to different levels, it also leads to the section specific challenges with in the game.

Visual Velocity, Auditory Amazement

The visual presentation of a game, especially a game that you know little to nothing in advance of, is everything, and Velocity is stunning, cool, crisp visuals and fast fluid movement combined with a techno soundtrack that is both soothing and pulsing, a strange, yet alluring middle ground of sound, with pleasing sounds throughout

To say that Velocity’s presentation is its strong suit is no small change, bearing in mind the things that this game does well, but I think it is, even its comic book like panel cut scenes are well drawn, well structured and easy on the eye.

In the few hours I found myself lost in Velocity 2X, I found a game that grabbed me, dragged me in, and made me want more, even now sitting at my stand-in laptop I have a tingle, an urge to play it some more, a drive to break some glass, blow up some mines, drive my ship recklessly fast, listen to the pulsing sound track, just absorb it all

And that is all without even touching on the well developed characters, plot, and structure of the sequences therein.

Velocity is something very very special indeed, and honestly I can’t heap enough praise onto it here, so as a small, and fundamentally awkward treat I have included a clip uploaded from my xbox for your enjoyment.

Velocity 2X Review Format: Xbox One

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