There has been a lot of positive response in the indie game world, and wider gaming too, with dark 2D platform/puzzle games. One of our games of 2016 was the incredible Inside(Review) that was close to an official GOTY at The Game Awards too. So here we have a game in a similar style by indie developers Brainseed Factory that’s another game really worth your time. Getting my Typoman Revised review together was an absolute joy, in a game I found hard to stop playing even after i’d finished it.

I never played the PC version as it originally released, and after I felt a bit bad I’d missed it!

Check out my thoughts below on this must play indie title for those who love a good puzzle and platformer. If you know someone else who’s like it pleas share this out on social media and drop me a Disqus or Facebook Comment at the end of the article if you like the look of this game.

Look and Feel – Fonts Of Doom

When you think about making a game world it takes some real creativity to do something like Typoman. A dark and dangerous world, made from letters. It sounds bit strange as a concept in theory, but it really works.

The scenery is dark and dangerous throughout and the use of clever ideas like “A’s” for spikes to kill our hero (also made of letters) and “H’s” stacked to make a ladder, plus many other ideas is a work of genius in game design.

What’s more, for a silent protagonist made up from letters you find and combine in the introduction, you really get attached to your Typoman. And the dark and rather intimidating monsters made of letters also are if wonderful design.

The general presentation is that of a traditional 2D platformer but the game itself focuses more on puzzles. More on that down the page.

Performance wise it’s all pretty smooth on PS4 with only one little glitch forcing a save reload once in my time with the game. The soundtrack and overall atmosphere the game creates as you play is excellent too. The development team have done a great job here.

Story and Gameplay – Spelling Bee

Much like the start of similar games like one of my favourites The Swapper you don’t really know exactly what is happening or why. You just start the game and have to learn that along with everything else. Here it’s the same, you are in a grimy looking location and start just able to roll and soon combine over random ones to make your character into a person.

Later it’s all about survival and, being chased down by monsters, a supernatural being saves you. From here you continue to do what you can to survive the smaller, and giant, beasts after you.

As for the gameplay it’s very focused on puzzles with some platforming involved too. As you can imagine in a world of letters, the way to solve things involves them heavily. While simple in a way it’s also rather clever as you take letters you find and combine them to make words.

If a gate blocks your path, put letters together to make the word “OPEN” to get through. Or use “STOP” to get past smashing objects or get a spinning platform just where you want it.

This becomes trickier further into the game where you may need to make a work for a brief period of time or carry a letter with you to get last a series of obstacles. They are all really clever and the chase scenes with the letter monsters add to the drama and sense of urgency.

Where the game let’s itself down is the odd moment poor collision detection and in accuracy trying to place a letter in a specific place. But overall it’s wonderful to play and the big drama at the end is worth getting to and experiencing, even if it’s over a bit too soon.


This is a wonderful game, I can’t compare to the original but it’s extremely polished and a worthy addition to your digital library. A must buy for anyone who loves a good puzzle game.

It’s not the longest game at 3 hours ish, maybe more if you try and find all the collectable paragraphs of text to give the full background on this world. But for the cost it’s more than worthwhile.

I really enjoyed my time with this one and can only hope for more creativity from these talented developers. Check out my scores below and leave me a comment too, are you thinking of getting it? Let me know!

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PEGI Rating: 12

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