l’m back with more from Telltale Games in this latest episode of The Walking Dead. It’s been getting interesting as the series has moved on but slowed down a lot from a strong opening. Here you can enjoy my TWD a New Thicker than Water review as the penultimate episode sets up for the finale.

While the episode has more action than the previous, everything points to the ending of both this episode and the start of the finale. There are some great moments that hinge on your previous choices however, plus a few tough ones to make along the way too.

However, I can confirm there are no spoilers for this episode within this review. Nothing here will spoil the story of this Thicker than Water episode. Please note, there are Spoilers for episodes 3 and potentially 1 and 2 also. I write these expecting you to be up to that point.

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Story – Relationships Are Like… Zombies?

Last episode we got a lot of conversations, one of the single most chatty episodes I think I’ve played of a Telltale games series. That said, most of it was really tense and well acted so I was hoping for more of the same plus some of the great action this series has had in the early episodes.

Now, you’ll have noticed a few things pushing Javier in the direction of how he values people to this point. You have certainly made more than a few choices where you may, or may not have “pulled a trigger” on someone so to speak. Or indeed, take a baseball bat to them.

Thicker Than Water Review Image 1Here you are plunged into the mess that is the New Frontier and the revelations at the end of the last episode. You’ll be taken down some rather ugly paths with your friends, and your enemies too.

Relationships become strained and there are some really hard choices to make in this episode. I liked the fact these were genuinely difficult choices to make emotionally, and they left me wondering what would happen as  a result either way. Particularly the some big one at the end of the game.

Unfortunately, too many sections of this episode slow the pace down a little from where we were. It does get going again by the end sequences, but it’s more a setup for a big final episode than anything as striking as we’ve seen so far in this series.


Once again you are faced with a series of key conversations and choices this episode. But there is some really high impact decisions to make, ones that will affect your relationships and support.

As with previous series you can see how it’s building up to how well liked you are by your comrades.

Thicker Than Water Review Image 2Outside of this there is some good action this time and a few flashbacks to enjoy too.

One thing that is lacking so far from this series however is good puzzles. There have been a few fetch sections that see you taking things you need. But generally, this series has lacked any really challenging problem solving situations so far, something I enjoy and personally want more of as we go into the last episode.

As for the action there is some fast and intense sequences. It’s been building up and the conclusion to Thicker Than Water certainly delivers some tense moments and, of course another big cliffhanger.

The quick time events are all around you as this all gets very heated. Plus the choices and confutations are well done and inspire a replay of this one to see how it could happen differently.


With one episode to go we are setup for a rather tense and intriguing conclusion to the series. I’m not convinced it’s going to feel as satisfying in the end as the previous two TWD games. But there again there are a number of possibilities for this series to go down and it could really hit home in the final episode as has happened before.

The Walking Dead for me is the best work you see from Telltale Games and this is a great season so far. It’s getting there and making those big choices, I just don’t think this episode was paced as well as others we’ve seen.

Check out my scores on this below and get ready for my Telltale games on MGL as my Guardians of the Galaxy reviews continue. Plus this final episode of The Walking Dead as it releases with a spoiler-free series review also.

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