Well, Telltale Games certainly kept us hanging after the first two episodes of the latest Walking Dead series ended just before the new year. I for one have been itching to know what happened as the final moments of episode 2 came to a close. Now I’m happy to continue with my TWD a New Frontier Above the Law review and get ready for more coming up.

Above the Law was an episode that really captured the essence of a Telltale game for me. Gameplay wise there wasn’t too much variety but it was really entertaining. But before you crazy, zombie lovers carry on reading, I must do the Spoiler Warning thing!

First of all don’t worry, there are no spoilers for episode 3. Nothing to ruin your experience at all, however there are Spoilers for episodes 1 and 2. I write this expecting you to be up to that point. If you missed my reviews you can read my Episode 1 and then Episode 2 reviews in a new tab.

OK so we good? Awesome, don’t be a zombie and read this and go chew on something… Share the Review on social media before you go and tell me what you think of this email in the comments at the end too!

Story – A familiar Face

The end of the last episode was a bit of a surprising moment for the characters. Maybe not so much for the players as it was kind of inevitable they would bump Into Javi’s brother at some point.

It’s cool he’s part of The New Frontier though after all that’s gone by between them and Javi’. Following the cliffhanger I’ve been itching to challenge him and the people about Mariana being assassinated for months now.

So this time the story really focuses on Javi and his relationship with his brother. You’ll have your own feelings on his character, Javi can respond accordingly of course in conversation. I didn’t trust him one bit and let him know this at every opportunity but you can be more accepting.

Now, on that fact. While this is expected for Telltale games, this is an extremely conversation heavy episode. They are very good, powerful conversations that at times really do feel to have a huge impact. But that will work for you or not.

David proves an interesting character to add to the mix, as is his relationship with his brother. Not to mention the love triangle going on between them and Kate. It’s nicely played and the other cast play their part too as Jesus has more of an influence in this episode. You do get the feeling he’s going to be come more important as things unfold too.

Things do get feisty at times, not to mention good and bloody too with a classic Telltale morality choices moment. I’d say this episode really worked for me personally, but I can see how someone might not be as engaged giving the focus mainly on conversation interactions throughout.

Gameplay – Press Triangle To Smash

In terms of gameplay, in Telltale games the variety is not there too much, but that isn’t why you come to play these games anyway. But this episode really went for it on conversations and the choices of your responses. Maybe one of the heaviest I can recall in all their games.

That’s not a bad thing when the writing and acting is as good as they have done here. It’s just something they have hopefully got out of the way for future episodes.

A New Frontier Above the Law Review image 2When things do go down it get’s very interesting though. Clementine comes back into the mix too along with a new character who has some potential to be very good part of what happens.

Quick time events are really well done in the dramatic action scene that really tests your reflexes in a tight spot. Plus there is one really good moment to see how your morality works towards the end.

It’s not the best one for gameplay action, but when it does get going it’s very entertaining.


I like this new series and the characters they are portraying here. Episode 3 is not the greatest in terms of action, but it’s really deep in what it does with the characters relationships with one another. This is what makes Telltale Games tick for me.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next one, particularly how Jesus will play a part and how the Kate, Javi and David relationship will come to a head.

Check out my scores below and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on this series in the comments below.

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