This remastered version of High Moon Studios came along very out of the blue. There wasn’t much pushed out by Activision but it’s one of the better Transformers games on the market for last generation consoles. So, I’ve gone back to Cybertron to bring you this Transformers Fall of Cybertron review.

A game I really enjoyed on my PS3 after improving on the very decent War of Cybertron.

The first game was good while you weren’t scraping around for ammo constantly. But this sequel was a much more complete experience, if on the simple side in its gameplay.

But a remaster is here, should you bother with it? Let’s roll out (sorry) and see if the game is more than meets the eye (really sorry!).

Look and Feel – Robot Wars

From the moment you start the game, you get pretty much what you are in for throughout. The graphics are nice, everything robotic is put together well with some nice shots of the character as robotic world you are playing in.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Review PS4 Xbox One 1The design of the Transformers is a mixture of the originals, before they arrived on earth and the new live action movies.

It’s all pretty cool here, nothing spectacular but a noticeable improvement on the original game. The issues come with the frame rate, a fault that plague the original too. In motion the game lacks solid frame rates at times, especially when things go mad around you. Not the best for an action game and I find it had to understand how this wasn’t developed further in the remastering of the title.

But it’s never unplayable, it’s just a little rough at times.

With the voice talent of Peter Cullen, who may as well change his name to Optimus Prime. Plus gaming legends Nolan North and Troy Baker in there too, the acting is actually really good here, as is the soundtrack.

Story and Gameplay – Transform and Shoot Out

Now, to say this is your traditional 3rd person shooter pretty much sums up the entire gameplay. Go to the marker, shoot things along the way; get the thing at the marker and shoot more.

While there are some really cool set pieces and boss fights. That your formula, don’t expect more than that. You collect ammo, pick up energon cubes to refill your health although your shields auto regenerate. There are little fetch and retrieve type quests and of course, “I need to unlock this door… cover me” type missions aplenty.

Like I said, traditional 3rd person shooter fayre.

But the cool stuff comes in the story element of the game and the fun multi-player that does make it into this remaster. Escalation mode is in there too which adds an extra challenge too as you test how long you can survive.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Review PS4 Xbox One 2All in all a decent package. And when the game tells the story and uses the cool characters like Prime, Ratchet, Jazz and Co its excellent. The fact you get to play as so many different Transformers as you play through the campaign adds a the diversity the gameplay lacks.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. There are loads of weapons and different abilities for the different characters. The action is nonstop with explosions and chaos all around you. With different weapons to try out in different situations and you’re on the fly transforming makes for a lot of pleasure and action packed moments.

It’s all very simple pleasure to be had in the game, best felt in the multi-player are an against others. The fast paced combat and classic MP modes make for a lot of fun.


This remaster really deserved a bit more from Activision as it’s a really solid game. It’s not going to ever be more than a straight forward, over the shoulder shooter. But it never tries to be anything else.

The action is everywhere, things blow up and collapse around you. Enemies come from all angles and everything is very to the action game formula.

Fun multi-player and a great voice cast are a bonus here and there is a nice story to experience. The frame rate STILL has issues which is a massive shame.

Still, this is one of the best Transformers game made and you really can tell the original  developers were big Transformers fans. The team remastering the game have done a really solid job.

Does it rise or fall? It’s it perfect but Transformers Fall of Cybertron Remastered is a lot of fun and really has the touch…

Yes, that’s right we’re ending on a Stan Bush reference and his song! Have a listen and leave me a comment below gamers!

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