There area few RPG games in focus right now and many of them are going for very modern takes on the genre. But in inXile Entertainment’s latest game, we have something of a very classic example of role playing. The gameplay, the story mechanics that have you actually read what’s going on and make big choices. Everything feels classic and old school in the best possible way as I bring you my Torment Tides of Numenera Review.

A game I had high hopes on given it’s clear hint towards the amazing Pillars of Eternity, using the game engine for it’s creation. And ultimately, it delivers for it’s audience of cRPG fans.

See my thoughts below on this impressive game and decide if this one is for you because this isn’t going to suit all gamers. This is the game’s main weakness but for those who love a classic RPG with lots of choices, reading the details of quests and character interactions with some cool turn based combat. This is going to be fun for you.

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Look and Feel

The game is very much presented as a classic, isometric style RPG that uses the Pillars of Eternity technology for it’s graphics and appearance. This gives you both a classic feeling to play and a real appreciation for the artwork on show. There has been some real care and creativity gone into the locations you visit and the overall presentation.

While the view and style the game takes will never live to that standards set by current top level games, it still looks very nice.

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Getting you sucked into the game is everything about what Torment continues to do. The story and gameplay are the big drivers here but the presentation and sound do their part. Some of the areas you visit are really well thought through to represent this futuristic earth set so far into the future.

What voice acting there is really works too, with some solid performances to bring the characters to life at times. There is still a lot to read with the game’s writing going into millions of words. But when it’s called upon, it does work nicely as does the soundtrack.

While there isn’t anything to jump off the screen at you in Torment Tides of Numenera there is a real quality feel to it. All the concepts and design work is really impressive. The art is cool and it all works to fit the style of game you are involved with here.

Story & Gameplay

Here is where you decide if this game is going to be for you or not. If you are into cRPG games and really want a world of rich detail, full of choices and storylines you are going to love it. If you want a more modern action RPG with less talking more hitting things, it’s not going to work for you.

The game is based on giving the player a huge amount to think about and choose. And it really does deliver some high quality here if that’s going to work for you.

Torment Tides of Numenera Review Image 2The story puts you into the body of The Last Cast-Off. You are basically given good old gamer amnesia and need to understand what the hell is going on. Your body was possessed by an entity, a god called “The Changing God” simply because of doing what he does: changing bodies.

Your’s is the last one before his quest to understand the world is done. Now you are left with a number of questions about yourself and this entity known as “Sorrow” chasing you down. Your quest basically finding out what you can about yourself and this world and stopping Sorrow.

Everything between that feels like there is an infinite combination of adventure and discovery The branches to this open adventure are crazy and there is so much to simply enjoy even in the smallest conversations with characters you meet. If you want that classic RPG experience with so much going on, this game really doesn’t disappoint.

A Game of Choice

The gameplay is mainly about the choices you make as you play your story. It will change so much that one play though of this massive game is actually only the surface of what you can experience here.

Torment Tides of Numenera Review Image 3Everything is a choice that starts off with you picking different options to build a class of character. Soon you are building relationships with others and getting involved in this futuristic world and all of it’s characters. Having the ability to read people’s thoughts as I did in one play though really did make a big impact on my play for example. It was amazing to see exactly what the persona I was speaking with was really thinking, and hugely affected my choices in this playthrough.

The turn based combat also adds in a number or classic choices as you decide your strategy of attack in a really rich, in-depth system. Again, the fact it’s turn based will work for you or against you in deciding whether you like this game or not. Personally, I think it works for the setting of the game and involves a decent challenge. It can be hard to manage at times as you will get dominated by enemies on screen at once. But soon you will get used to what to do at the right times.

My only issue with the gameplay is how it translates to PS4. While it’s good, you never quite shake the feeling this is a PC game made to work on a console. It all handles well, but doesn’t feel quite as “console like” as other games modified like Diablo 3 for example.


This game is massive and has some of the biggest variation between playthroughs you can imagine. There is so much to decide and choose during your adventures that one time through, which may take you towards 40 hours, is no where near enough.

The art is stunning and the game really does suck you into it’s world if you can let it. Remember, this is not a game for everyone and reading and experiencing true cRPG style action is what Torment is about.

I love it personally I think this is a great reminder that no matter how great modern action-RPG’s get, there is still a place for classic adventures like this one. Check out my scores below and get commenting at the end gamers.

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