There are so many shooters around as this Titanfall 2 review goes live, gamers are spoilt for choice. We’ve already seen Battlefield 1 score highly on MGL with a 9/10. Plus its critics around the web are very favourable too.

But here we have something very different. A futuristic shooter with lots of fast flowing movements and a giant mech as your buddy.

After my play-through, I think Titanfall 2 is one of the best shooters on the market right now. With a campaign mode as good as any I’ve played, it’s got everything you want from multiplayer too. And here in going to go through how right the game gets it.

The Titanfall 2 review is split down into areas below. Have a read and do ready a Disqus or Facebook Comment for me to read at the end.

OK, ready for Titanfall.

Look and Feel – “Lookin’ Good, BT”

From the moment you start Titanfall 2 it’s clear the game is made with the emphasis on flow. The speed and agility you have is something else and it makes for a massive about of fun and thrills throughout the game.

Titanfall 2 review Image 1Presentation wise, everything is just stunning. The other worldly locations are lush with details, colours and atmosphere. Whether it be the lands of a planet surrounded by foliage or a construction facility as you avoid being crushed by robots.

Everything just looks so polished.

Technically the game holds up very solid throughout. Especially to say there hasn’t been a flurry of patches and updates to fix anything just yet. The fame rate was very solid throughout and the errors here were to a minimum, even when chaos was all around. The only thing I can point out as being a slight issue is the occasional lag after hitting an enemy with a running melee attack.

Everything else is incredible.

As an experience the game does everything to make you really feel like a bad-ass pilot. You run with a genuine sense of speed, shoot like a professional assassin and wall run like a spider avoiding a rolled up newspaper!

And everything feels just right. From a presentation point of view its excellent and things continue to that standard too.

Single Player – A Robo-Bromance That You Must Play

As a gamer I am predominantly about single player and a good story. So, since this is new in Titanfall 2, I was very much looking forward to a campaign mode. The original went all multiplayer but this one shifts the focus and what a good decision it proves to be.

This may sound a small factor but even in the menu for the game, “Campaign” is first on the list. It really is a big swap over for the series and a welcome one.

Titanfall 2 Review Single PlayerIn the campaign things go very wrong fast for Jack Cooper, just after your initial tutorial as a rifleman aspiring to be a pilot. You are dropped into battle with everything blowing up and people getting killed around you. Soon your commanding officer is dead having defended your life and assigns you the role of pilot and gives you his Titan.

Say hello to BT-7274, a character you’ll love as much as any other robot you’ve seen in the past.

Both you and BT help one another to find their way back to the target location and carry out the original mission. Despite all the odds you must find out what the IMC are planning.

Along the way you face obstacles, waves of soldiers and enemy Titians. Plus boss fights with mercenary types in their own distinct Titans that make for a highlight of the game for me.

There are many things that make the single player great: action, fast combat and traversing some amazing locations. But the biggest stand out part that makes it all feel just right is the relationship between your character, Jack Cooper and your companion, BT.

As the focus of October’s Voice Artist Spotlight, Matthew Mercer does a fantastic job acting out the role of Cooper. But also, BT who’s played by Glenn Steinbaum is a wonderful character that you soon have a lot of affection for.

Plus you do more than your fair share of ass kicking together which is great fun.

I don’t think they could have got the single player mode more perfect. The story is well written, both hero and villain characters are acted superbly and the overall balance of the experience also stands out.

You’re never doing anything too long: at times you are Jack and doing your pilot moves, then you are piloting BT and blowing things to bits during both you end up using tech features needed to solve problems. This is just a part of the overall experience, but what’s best about it all is that you never do anything too much or not enough.

It really has to be played and, from a personal point of view, it’s one of the best single player modes in a FPS I’ve ever played.

Multiplayer – Ready for Titanfall

Since the organization Titanfall received rave reviews as just a multiplayer game, it’s safe to say Respawn Entertainment know what they’re doing here. And once again the multiplayer delivers.

Plus it’ll continue to deliver for free as any additional content coming is going to come Titanfall-ing in free. Yes, free.

Titanfall 2 Review image 2There are a number of modes here that are a lot of fun. My personal favourite was the Amped Hardpoint mode which is basically domination. See, since I can’t shoot anyone and everyone can shoot me very easily, I was after a mode early on to score some points. And this is one thing I do like about Titanfall 2, you don’t have to be the best at getting a good KTD ratio to do well in a match.

But there is lots of variety here too with 9 maps as standard, all with distinctive looks and a nice amount of verticality to the combat which works well. The maps are tight but not Call of Duty small so there is a bit more space to move around. This is needed for when your Titan drops in.

You do start with a decent amount of choice too for both Pilot and Titan, but you soon unlock more and get building up your arsenal nicely.

Movement is key here getting around and running and gunning where you can although you can sometimes over do that and run right past someone and get shot in the back! It’s all about timing and reactions and I lack in both unfortunately.

It’s fun though and the modes like Bounty Hunt and Pilot VS Pilot make for some good matches. Plus, you can have a one-on-one duel in the Colosseum mode as two pilots; this is something you earn by getting tickets in other matches and is quite the fun challenge. Especially between friends.

Considering the content already and the free updates when they do arrive, this is one multiplayer mode that could easily compete with Overwatch as one of the best this year.

Gameplay – “Trust me”

If you’ve seen an advert on TV about “finding your flow”, Titanfall 2 is the very definition of that feeling. Everything you to is based on flowing movement and speed. Something not always associated with the first person shooter experience.

At times the game feels like an action platformer as you glide across one wall to the other. Avoid dangerous drops and instant death traps. But does all this maintaining the tight shooting and fast action of a top FPS.

Titanfall 2 Review gameplayFrom the first few minutes you are running a gauntlet to see how fast you can use your skills. In a similar trick to Modern Warfare your score determines the difficulty of the game you should play. But also sets up what you are in for.

Many games now have wall running and boost jumping, but Titanfall 2 makes it feel just right. Especially in some of the single player locations where you will look around and think “No way I can get to there…”. But soon after you chain wall runs, jumps and boosts and get there you do!

This may take 5 or 6 deaths in the process which can get you a little frustrated, but feels great when you do make it.

Shooting wise the Titanfall 2 is exceptional. You feel like a really bad-ass pilot but you are capable of being taken down if you don’t act like one. Keeping moving and shooting accurately will see you waste enemy after enemy with barely a scratch. Get it wrong and welcome back to the checkpoint.

In BT, your Titan who is one hell of a character and very cool indeed, everything feels fantastic. Your movement is different but still very mobile and well armoured for battle against other Titans.

As you progress through your story you unlock new weapon load outs to keep the variety and action feeling different. Each is great, I was all about the rocket launcher and flight core personally but so many others felt great too.

In multiplayer this all continues but included a much more balanced feel to it as all players feel equal. The developers have done a wonderful job here of making the gameplay feel amazing no matter what mode you play.


Titanfall 2 is outstanding. It has one of the best campaigns in a shooter I’ve ever played. The time travelling mission being one of the many highlights I want to go back to again for more.

The multiplayer is so much fun with a mass of content already and more to come, free.

Everything is presented so well and only a few instances of lag when using melee interrupted my flow. The gameplay is magnificent throughout and I just can’t wait to play more.

Titanfall 2 is a must play shooter, ready yourself for Titanfall and join Jack and BT on this incredible adventure.

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