This is a strategy, puzzle, platformer that is set in a desolate world, where the players’ wits will be tested to the extreme. It’s already been on PS4 for some time but here we’ll bring you The Swapper Xbox One Review.

Look & Feel

From the moment I started the game and enjoyed the opening cinematic I was met with a beautifully designed, atmospheric and engrossing this is a world that is built from the ground up to be a challenge.

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The game is built in the style of a standard 2D platformer, but many of the foreground and background elements give the game a depth often missed from its compatriots

Story And Characters

Set on a remote outpost in a dystopian future, the player is tasked with discovering what exactly has happened to the crew, and what is happening on the station itself.

The main character has radio contact with a mysterious woman, but will she be a friend or foe?

The tone is often used to keep the player on edge, and with the way many of the revelations unfold throughout the game does truly draw you in, however its pacing fails to maintain your interest.


Gameplay is broken into solving various puzzles and navigating difficult sections, whilst negotiating the swapper and cloner mechanisms.

The game focuses on puzzles that revolve around several mechanics, the first thing worth noting is that the movement is controlled using both front sticks, the left stick controls front and back movement, the right stick controls the aim and the direction you face.

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It is also worth noting that all the clones are controlled simultaneously, which can become very frustrating.

The first puzzle mechanism you learn is the replication gun, this lets you simply clone yourself, the puzzles will require you to replicate yourself at different places, and levels to help open switch you may otherwise not be able to reach.

Once you have mastered this the game quickly moves you on to the next thing you have to learn, the act of swapping, this is another function of your gun, and will allow you to jump between clones.Interestingly these puzzles do often require forms of yourself to die, for you to switch from one clone to the next, and avoid lights that negate the Swapper, the cloner or both, depending on the composition of the map this can make the puzzle very challenging, yet fun.

However, as there is a darker narrative here than many puzzlers I have come across before, I often found myself becoming more engrossed in the puzzling elements than the story.


I’m in two minds about the Swapper, conceptually it is stellar, and the puzzles can be both complex but blissfully rewarding, however when I find myself paying more attention to the solution of a puzzle than I do to the plot devices being used, and find myself becoming annoyed with the breakdown of pacing in some stages, it is clear that the life expectancy of The Swapper is narrow.

Playing it is fun, and as I have said, solving puzzles is fun, but I think the game tries to grasp at too many straws.

Often I felt that if The Swapper focussed on interesting puzzles, and less on the break up off plot, or in fact vice versa, plot being explained in a more in-depth way, and puzzles taking a backseat to allow for larger chunks of plot building, then perhaps I personally may have enjoyed the overall product more.

The Swapper Xbox One Review Format: Xbox One

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