More Telltale Games series gamers? Well I’m certainly Hooked on a Feeling for them recently (see my Walking Dead Reviews here if you like) and O-O-H Child have I been looking forward to playing as Star Lord and his friends. The newest series is here and I’m bringing you my Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 1 review. The launch episode is entitled Tangled Up In Blue brings you right onto the life of the Guardians in this official Marvel game.

Most out there would probably agree with me that the movie is one of the very best in Marvel’s rather high quality universe of films right now. And I like many loved it and can’t wait to see Volume 2 this year.

While you wait, hopefully this is enough to keep you happy for now and it does make a good start and shows a lot of promise. Check out my thoughts below on this first episode save in the  knowledge there a no major spoilers other than some characters you are likely to know.

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Look and Feel – Fooled Around and Fell in Love

Oh yes the musical references are everywhere with Guardians of the Galaxy, both in the game and this review too. But the music, characters and trademark Telltale artwork stand out with this game right away.

Guardians of the Galaxy Review image 1

I was soon feeling affection for the characters I know from the film and comics in the early moments. Telltale have been a combination of sympathetic to the already well crafted characters while somewhat doing their own thing in terms of artistic presentation. But it works together and everything looks great.

It all sounds great too with some great music, voice acting and really nicely choreographed set pieces.

Telltale’s nemesis returns somewhat in terms of technical performance, especially while background loading and saving. It’s not Telltale’s Batman series levels of bugs but it stutters and has poor transitions at times similar to moments in The Walking Dead. It wasn’t too bad all in all and to be honest I’d be more shocked if it ran very smoothly.

Issues like this tend to get worse the more choices you make so expect me to track this as the episodes continue. But initially it’s a very well presented game as ever.

Story and Gameplay – Ain’t no Mountain High Enough

You pick up this story as these random friends are already together aboard Ship and are up to their usual, anti-hero ways. Your play as Star Lord, a man once of earth as a boy and now leader of the Guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy Review image 2

Now, it’s not a pre-requisite to watch the movie or read the comics to enjoy this game, but it will help somewhat with the characters if you are not familiar with them. Parts help you understand them, but it is a game for fans and some prior knowledge will certainly help. It’s a good introduction however in the way it all gets going, and you are soon into the action hunting down villain, Thanos. He is an ancient being of great evil and will be mentioned more than just in Marvel games this year I suspect.

Mainly you are introduced to your crew in this episode and you have the job of keeping them onside with your choices which can see you favouring one on the other in different situations. As with all Telltale games, little elements of conversation combine into how people around you feel towards your character. Big choices, usually 50/50 ones, make the game change one way or the other for the remainder of your playthrough.

Here the story is action packed early and builds your relationship with your crew and Star Lord most of the game. It does get a bit slow at times but there are some genuine laugh out loud moments here to enjoy along the way and good action sequences mixed in.

I want you back

The voice acting here is great I have to say. It would have been nice to see the movie actors in but I’m not sure the budget is quite there yet! But what they have is a great gaming cast that do an awesome job as Scott Porter (Star Lord), Emily O’Brian (Gamora) and the awesome Nolan North (Rocket) come in.

They are all deliver well here, especially the awesome Nolan North who plays an outstanding Rocket.

Guardians of The Galaxy Episode 1 Review image 3

Everything about the gameplay is reasonably familiar for Telltale fans. If you have never played one before it’s very similar to old school point and click games. However, Telltale make clever use of quick-time events to make the action more active. You press buttons or use analogue sticks/mouse movements and other actions when prompted within a time limit. Missing them can see you dead.

What was nice to see were a few unique techniques such as vertical exploration in use of Star Lords rockets on his boots. This allows you to go up levels rather than working on flat area on the ground as seen in other games. Additionally, you can use your comms device to contact your team and ask them questions. These can be key to the plot or just to talk to them if you want to.

Everything is really nice here, my only real criticism was there was a lot of watching rather than acting at times in this episode. While you expect that somewhat, especially early on in the series, there could have been a few more sections to move around and get involved in. Outside of that, it’s a very nice start.


This is a positive start to this series, I was looking forward to this one but I was also excited for the Batman series too only to feel a bit unsure of it after the first episode. Guardians of the Galaxy feels different, while it’s not the standards of The Walking Dead it’s very solid and seems more stable than Batman ever did which isn’t hard I guess.

But for a little too much watching and not enough doing at times, there are some interesting ideas going on here.

With a good set of characters and voice cast plus some genuine funny moments that will make you laugh, it’s one to consider to any Telltale or Guardians fan. See my scores below and let me know what you think of this one or ask me something about the game if you like using the comments.

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