The conclusion is upon us. I set upon my Batman City of Light review eager for this Telltale Games series to really hit the ending hard following an up and down journey. After the previous episode, that did a lot to setup the ending, much rested on the last episode.

And while it gets off to a very good start, ultimately it sums up much of the series. There are very good elements and some that just let it down. The technical problems once again break up the story even running on PlayStation 4.

However, I left the episode with a smile on my face and there is certainly room for more Tell-tale Batman. Which there no doubt will be. There are just some parts they should have been tightened up to make it truly great.

See my thoughts and scores on this episode below. There are No Spoilers for this episode, however there are Some Spoilers for Episode 4. This review is written expecting you to be that far along. I also plan to do a Spoiler Free Series Review on MGL shortly.

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Story – “See You Soon, Bruce”

Since episode 4 started with Bruce locked in Arkham Asylum for apparently beating The Penguin to “within an inch of his life” in a drug induced rage. I was very confused that after taking this beating Penguin only had a few bruises and was still able to walk. Suit or no suit, Bruce Wayne is strong and highly trained, but that didn’t convey to me “within an inch of his life” and left me scratching my head. Which you can see if you read my review of the previous episode.

And since I chose to stop Penguin rather than Harvey I was shocked he was just a bit roughed up. Never mind able put up a decent fight in the sequence at the end.

Putting that blemish in the plot aside I was ready to tie up the loose ends in the Harvey Dent story who was at Wayne Manor at the end of episode 4. Penguin is your target if you chose differently.

The Final Countdown

Now we are into the final chapter and the game gets off to an action packed start as Gotham is in turmoil. Both Harvey/Penguin and the Children of Arkham are devising their plans, but the latter has to wait since there is a situation you must deal with first.

Now the opening 30 minutes of this story are so well done, I really enjoyed the start and it certainly got me pumped up. The conversation with Selena is so well acted it’s almost impossible to criticise. Troy Baker is wonderful as Batman, especially in this twisted universe and the supporting cast do a great job too.

Unfortunately the ending is overly predictable and the momentum is watered down somewhat from the fact it’s obvious what’s going to happen. When it does it’s reasonably well done and again, well-acted. It was just a shame that so much effort was done to make this Batman story very different and then be predictable in the ending sequence.

The very last part was very nicely constructed though as the series wraps up and certainly sets up the next season well.

Gameplay – 

There is much more action in this episode but at the same time incorporates what has made this series engaging to play. The investigations are back as you figure out a couple of situations and piece together evidence. You can also enter the combat planning mode which was cool, linking villains and objects to plan your flow of attack.

Generally however you are in QTE combat and building up your special/finishing move off. These are intense at times and involve some really well choreographed sequences. Some of which are more believable than others.

While I am willing to suspend disbelief mostly. Some of the hits Batman dishes out, as highly skilled master of martial arts, armoured to the teeth with metallic knuckled gloves just seems to have no impact. It’s a shame and in the end got a little too unbelievable for me personally.

Play the final sequence and leave me a comment below if you get what I mean.

On the other side here, the choices you make really do make for a different ending to the game. What you decided throughout the series feels like one of the most impactful chains in Telltale games so far. Something that is a massive achievement for the developers here, and really does promote going back through once more.

Overall, it’s again good to play and nicely action heavy for a graphic adventure. Had the technical issues been tidied up, including a few crashes during the play time, it would have been even better.


I enjoyed this series and the conclusion generally speaking. As a fan of Telltale and Batman I wanted this to really conclude well. There are some really good moments in this final episode and it does leave you interested in the next series when that comes around.

But ultimately, it reflects what an up and down journey this series has been.

By far the best elements have been the voice acting and how well the series has twisted the Wayne family history. Plus changing up the relationships with other characters, good and bad in the mix. The worst part has been the technical errors that see good action sequences interrupted by stuttering, loss of timing between sound effects/voices and the visuals. And at one point in this episode a floating mouth, eyes and hair that maybe should have been a person… I think!

Yes, the game went very Assassin’s Creed Unity on me.

It ended well, it could have ended amazingly but for the most part you’ll really enjoy everything especially the results of your choices. Then going back to make different ones to see how much things can change.

See my final scores below and let me know what you think of this final episode and the series overall.

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