Wow its a busy month for gamers, it seems this Easter is treating all of us nicely with a wealth of titles being released throughout March and April. Here at MGL we have plenty of reviews coming your way but this one is for a game…well an episode, that I have particularly been looking forward to. Welcome back to Pandora and our Tales from the Borderlands Atlas Mugged Review, it’s the next episode in Telltale and Gearbox’s Tales from the Borderland series.


Episode 2 Atlas Mugged takes place straight after the events of the first episode, a seamless transition between the two episodes is fantastic with the gang shorting through the abandoned hideout sorting through the treasure that lurks within. This episode will take you to several different locations over Pandora with you encountering some of the series classic and memorable characters.

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I really did forget about how great this titles story is and how much fun it is too experience. The jokes are hilarious and the addition of Handsome Jack really did put more of a link between the Borderland game series, he really does add something special to the game and is fast becoming one of my favourite villains of all time.

The story however has not developed as much as I like, the comedy value is excellent but again a lot of questions remain unanswered. Atlas Mugged stays loyal to the Borderlands style of humour particularly this one scene at the start of the game that was both hilarious and disgusting. But for those who prefer a more serious title then this isn’t for you.

One thing that I loved is the style the story is told in similar to that of Hero, where you have two characters telling the same story in their own version. But when they seem to stray from the path the other character tends to mock such as a classic Bro scene that takes place during this game that was hilarious. I really love the whole style and direction that this game has been taken in.


There is a lot of action this time round, one of the most memorable scenes is the chase at the very start between your selves some Moon Shots and a Ryakk Nest it really starts with a bang and I seriously enjoyed it. However the rest of the game is rather slow and is one of the shorter Telltale titles with not that much going on.

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The puzzles again are very easy and just like all Telltale games their is no real challenge and is more about the story you create with you choices then the gameplay itself.

One new feature I do enjoy is that Handsome Jack has upgraded Rhys’s abilities to override and control certain electronic items. This has a lot of potential although has only been used for comedic purposes and where you have to escape from Vasquez.


Design again is near perfect with it fitting perfectly with the Borderlands series. Voice cast is just exceptional like all of Telltale’ games, Patrick Warburton again is sensational but then again he has voiced some many phenomenal characters from so many different things. He is excellent but really the overall performance again is too such a high level it does seem unfair signally just himself out as the entire cast are brilliant.

The Soundtrack again is memorable and catchy, with the intro credits song standing out for me in particular. Tales of Borderlands is a treat for both eyes and ears.


Only lasting around the two hour mark but with plenty of replay value and more jokes to come across there is certainly a lot more to find when you go into the depths of a Telltale game. I will be replaying this again for sure one I have completed the entire series as I am loving it and cant wait too see what I have missed.

It might not be as good as the first episode but Atlas Mugged is a very fun title to play, and while the story didn’t get there for in the end it’s still much better then watching some comedy shows and films at times, to the point where Tales from Borderlands becomes a genre of its own right. I really enjoyed it and too me all fans of both Borderlands and Telltale need to check this title out.

Tales from the Borderlands Atlas Mugged Review Format: PS4

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