Well, well my fellow gamers I’m here with our Super Meat Boy Review. I recall sitting down to watch Indie Game: The Movie with my Fiancee and being introduced to FEZ by Phil Fish and Super Meat Boy by Team Meat.

To my joy Super Meat Boy is available via the PSN this month, I decided to give it a whirl and see what the fuss was about. I’m really glad I did.

Super Meat Boy is your retro style platformer in which you must navigate through over 300 levels, avoiding traps and other hazards including saws and crumbling blocks. Complete the levels as fast as you can to earn a higher grade, but is it worth your time? Let’s have a look.


Meat Boy loves Bandage Girl, and Bandage Girl loves Meat Boy. However, everyone hates Dr Fetus and this makes makes him very angry, he hates Meat Boy and beats him up. Dr Fetus then kidnaps Bandage Girl, your task is simple. Save Bandage Girl from Dr Fetus.

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The graphics here are good, crisp and clean for what they are. By this I mean Meat Boy is simply a red square, the love of his life is a pink square and Dr… well, you get the idea!

This is not a slight on the game in anyway at all, but it is just a square. The graphics and quirky cartoons cutscenes all work very well to compliment the superb gameplay. Dr Fetus flipping you off  has amused me on a number of occasions.

The level designs are simple and clear so you can just focus on getting your gameplay right and this is where Super Meat boy shines


The game is divided into chapters, within these chapters are the levels and at the end of chapter there is a Boss Level.

At no point, as yet, have I felt that a level is ridiculous. Super Meat Boy will frustrate and infuriate some of you out there to the point you give up, I totally understand this as we all like different games. It would be a tad boring if we didn’t.

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Meat Boy has run &  jump at his disposal, however he has differing size of jump based on how long you hold the jump button. A nice addition of a power jump in which he can travel much greater distances allied with differing level designs make sure all the levels don’t feel the same. He can also slide up and down walls altering your taken off point for your next chosen jump.

The levels are so fast and fun you can just keep trying after dying millions of times.

If you die in Super Meat Boy at no single time was it the controls or how he responds to my input. It was solely that it was my input (big jump, small jump etc) was wrong or I had performed it at the wrong time.

Super Meat boy is extremely controllable and Team Meat have got the gameplay mechanic spot on. If this had not been the case then Super Meat Boy would not have been the huge success it is and would have led to many cases of Gamer rage and broken controllers. Most importantly it wouldn’t be the fun game it is to play.


I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, in my humble opinion games are about gameplay. Yes, developers can make them look all lovely so people go “wow what amazing graphics, doesn’t that look great”. But if it looks great and plays like garbage there really wasn’t  much point in making it look great was there?

Super Meat Boy focuses on its gameplay, keeps it simple and is an excellent example of how much fun a game can be if its got right.

Team Meat, I doth my cap to thee, Super Meat Boy is brilliant.

Super Meat Boy Review format: PS4

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