My childhood has been brought back to the now as I have the pleasure of bringing you all my Sonic Mania review. When I was around 10 (so old I genuinely can’t remember!) my SEGA Mega Drive was delivered by Santa and I was one happy boy. The colours and amazing gameplay that was the original Sonic the Hedgehog blew me away.

Switch to 2017 and after many tries to make Sonic something else, SEGA go back to the original gameplay and I’m wowed once again. This time it’s on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC but it still stands out around modern games.

Classic gameplay still has its place in modern gaming and Sonic Mania is quite simply a game for many gamers is an essential purchase. This goes down as the first ever MGL Elite award winner as our new review system is in full swing now. I can’t think of a more fitting game to start, find out if this is for you below.

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How does it play?

It plays like Sonic! Classic Sonic, nothing more than the traditional gameplay that players from the original generation know and love. There are the main 2D areas to get across, collecting rings and avoiding Dr Robotics’ creatures. It’s all about speed, finding those hidden bonus rings and taking on the end of level bosses.

Sonic Mania review image 1

Everything here has a full retro feel but they have really worked hard to make it a new feeling game. Mania mode takes you to Green Hill Zone right away and that was enough for me to be sold on the whole title. But you have Tales along for the ride too to help with spots where you need a lift.

The gameplay twists you around as you progress as you move through the ages of Sonic and face different bosses, levels and cool special stage challenges that are lots of fun. Plus, that challenge is still there along with the feeling of dread as Sonic starts to drown.

I have no idea why it’s so terrifying as you die all the time… but when those 5 seconds of doom start ticking with that music I lose it completely!

It’s classic simple gameplay at its best here however. One for fans and new players to get into right away. It’s possibly the best Sonic there has ever been too with the added bosses and special stages.

Presentation and Graphics

It looks like Sonic! The whole thing is a 16bit homage to the original game with that same cheeky look of all the characters, classic presentation of the levels and soundtrack too. I was totally in awe of how retro they had gone with the presentation of the game and it just works perfectly.

Sonic Mania Review Image 2

Colour is the main element that stands out to me when I think of Sonic games. The brightness of the levels from leafy greens to bringing flames. All of that really combines with the well-designed 2D levels and classic sprite based characters.

It’s a beautiful execution of a classic formula. It may be lost on some, even 2D games have very high standards now. But for us lovers of things old school they get it just right for us.

Main Features

It features are like Sonic! If you think of the games, you may have played before this is basically those although there are a few options.

Sonic Mania Review Image 3

Your main game here is Mania mode, where you start with Sonic and Tails on an adventure through the ages of Sonic games. Robotnic is warping you and the world as you have to take on the dangers of the level in classic tradition and take on the end of level robotic bosses.

There are other modes to unlock and play here such as time attack, but the highlight has to be “& Knuckles” mode. Literally you can add Knuckles to follow you, even if you are Knuckles! Awesome.

As a package it’s excellent and there is even room for more if the developers wanted to add in some updates.

Should I play this?

The answer is a big fat yes from me. I personally think there are few gamers that would not enjoy this game. It’s fun, fast and has so much content for the price. Plus there is that real classic, retro feel to it that should never be lost in gaming. It’s what made it popular and paved the way for what we have now.

Even if you are not a big retro fan, this might just bring you to understand why so many gamers still love these games. It’s a great game and possibly the best Sonic there’s ever been in my humble opinion.

Gamers who should…

Retro lovers you should be downloading it right this second rather than me waffle any longer. Players who love a good 2D platformer exactly the same. But most games will find it hard not to love Sonic Mania.

Gamers who probably shouldn’t…

If you really, REALY hate retro games and/or 2D platformers and only want 3D blasting of things in the face. Then maybe you should avoid, it might warm your heart to them however.

Similar games…

Literally any classic Sonic, particularly the first 2 games.

The Good The Bad The Bugs
Classic Gameplay A few issues getting killed from off screen Nothing during the review
Perfect retro graphics
New boss Fights
Lots of fun

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