I’m quite the fan of games that focus in on a great story, characters and go for classic gameplay. So to see a point and click style adventure come along I was interested to get playing. I’m in the mood for some more after Telltale Batman but here, as a bring my Silence Whispered World 2 review; you’ll see how this game shares many Telltale traits.

While at the same time really tests your head with some tricky yet fun puzzles.

Players after of all action games look away now, we are in point and click/graphic adventure territory. And gamers worried about me ruining anything, please relax as there are No Spoilers here.

I’ll be looking at the game as a whole but not ruining anything of Silence’s charming story.

Note: This is a console based review as stated in the title. While on PC as well, some points may not be relevant to that version.

Look and Feel – Dreamy Artwork

As you explore the dream world of Silence you’ll notice many beautiful scenes. The water, the sky, creatures and the lighting effects all around.

Not to mention the characters faces and overall artistic design.Silence Whispered World 2 Review Image 1

It’s a very striking game in terms of art and presentation. With some really detailed characters and we’ll designed scenery. Everything you find on your journey feels just right and has that hand-drawn touch to it.

There is also a solid performance from the cast here too. The voice acting is nicely done with some good performances all round. The music also adds to the atmosphere nicely.

Technically the game has a few glitches even after a few updates. None to stand out massively but there are a few hiccups on occasion. I also found myself having to play around with the sound settings too as the levels were a bit off to hear the speech at times.

But as a game this is wonderfully presented and will suck you right into the world of Silence.

Story and Gameplay

As a story it’s a rather emotional one to play. Especially as someone with children that are brother and sister in the real world. To see that relationship in the game between these two characters really is well done. It’s all setup very early with a nice introduction but soon things go badly.

Silence Whispered World 2 Review Image 2Firstly you take over Noah who is looking for his sister, Renie. It’s here you are introduced to the monsters of the world, Seekers. After avoiding one straight away you are introduced to some of the games characters including Kyra. She’s the leader of the resistance against the False Queen and you soon work with her to find your sister.

Noah is not all you control here, nor is he the person you end up caring about the most but I will avoid Spoilers.

As a story it’s one about a relationship more than anything else. It puts you in some really tough spots too that require you to make choices. The end in particular is very impactful and really had me feeling strongly for the cast here.

It’s very well done and promotes you going back to see what happens if you do things differently. My only criticism of it is the frequent references to the original game, with no explanation.

They are of course fine to do that but there was no reminder of what happened in Whispered World anywhere for those not to experience it. While it’s easily understandable as a plot, they mention it a little too much to not have any cut scenes or comic style intro to what happened.

Fumble and Click

The gameplay is point and click with a more modern style that sees the game hint a little at Telltale style interactions. While at others it’s very traditional and really does test you with some puzzles.

Silence Whispered World 2 Review Image 3Now, as I allude to in my title there is a bit of fumbling going on. While this problem is likely console exclusive, as mouse movements will make this irrelevant, it’s worth mentioning. Sometimes it’s tricky to click the item you want due to the way it works on console.

Rather than a cursor on screen you use the thumb stick to move between items. It seems logical but sometimes it just flicks to the wrong thing and you end up going into another area by mistake or just getting annoyed.

Other than that there is nothing bad to say. The puzzles are well thought out and fun while being challenging at times. Spot, a shape shifting worm provides the most fun but all the game is good for a puzzle lover. Getting an item of the dragon & across the bridge are personal highlights.

Choice plays a part as mentioned in the story and that breeds the want to play again. With a few challenges set in the Trophies/Achievements you can have a good go at doing everything here and enjoy it.


As a point and click game you can’t really expect more. This game is built from a small team and they have done a great job of telling a emotionally charged story. The characters are all interesting and I’d like to see more from the team in this gorgeous art style.

Had they included a small recap of the first game and tidied up the interaction on console it would have been near perfect for its genre.

Even with them it’s a must play for fans of this style of game and one I’d highly recommend for those new to point and click. Get lost in the world of Silence gamers, you’ll really enjoy yourselves.

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