Red’s Kingdom is a fun rolling puzzle game where you control Red an angry squirrel who’s on a mission. A mission to recover his stolen golden nut, winter acorn stores and rescue his kidnapped father from Mad Mac the King. Previously Red’s Kingdom was available on tablets and mobile phones along with a PC version. My review focusses on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Red’s Kingdom features puzzles, role-playing and exploration elements in an isometric world. Developed by Cobra Mobile and published by Rising Star Games.

Throughout this single-player adventure, he must dodge traps, find keys, defeat enemies and solve fiendish puzzles by using switches and levers. It’s a simple game but certainly has its charm. See my breakdown below.

How does Red’s Kingdom play?

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Red’s a squirrel on a rolling mission

Red’s Kingdom is an adventure/exploration game where you control Red a squirrel who has had all his possessions and his father taken by the evil tyrannical King Mad Mac. The whole thing is in the isometric style, which really works for us old-school gamers!

When Red moves, he rolls in the direction he is travelling until he either hits an object and stops or falls into a dangerous area. This movement mechanic has been used in many other puzzle style games and you may remember the Ice Cave sliding puzzles from Pokemon.

Whilst rolling around each of the areas you have to utilise and avoid terrain obstacles in the form of blocks, flora, ramps, traps an enemies. Red has a number of hearts that allows for mistakes and collisions with spikes, rivers and enemies.

Each of the areas always has an exit and entrance that usually are indicated by a blue glowing tile which the goals to move through the larger map levels. Whilst rolling through each level Red must collect the stolen acorns that are scattered around.

If Red loses all his hearts his progress will return to the last automatic save performed by a save tile.

All heart

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They see you rolling!

Fortunately Red can collect items to increase the number of hearts he has and also use a medallion to make his roll into an attack. The attack roll enables Red to damage the minions of King Mad Mac.

He also can smash pots in too by rolling into them just like Link does in the Legend of Zelda series. Red’s Kingdom sounds quite simple in theory, however, the level designs are quite devious. When you send Red rolling we will come to a stop allowing you to redirect his movement in a different direction.

The difficulty of the levels starts quite easy and with the introduction of new environmental items. The difficulty gradually increases and each new hazard you find is introduced and made available in your notebook for further reference.

Red’s kingdom features a wide range of puzzles that are remarkably different and I didn’t see any puzzle being recycled. One of the things I really liked about the level design was that some areas will have a different colour exit tile.

These exit tiles are only usable by utilising the power from a collectable item. For example, yellow and pink exits can’t be accessed until you have found the corresponding item. One item allows you to fly which turns Red into a flying squirrel.

Presentation and Graphics

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Flying squirrel

Red’s Kingdom has some really nice graphics. The level designs are detailed and full of puzzle and decorative elements. Graphically Red’s Kingdom feels at home on the Nintendo Switch, it could have been released on any of the older consoles.

During the review, I tried Red’s Kingdom in both handheld mode and docked on the TV. The experience was similar to the smaller screen in a handheld mode with an obvious reduction in resolution.

The game menus, map screens, inventory and instruction book have a distinct Legend of Zelda feeling to them. They’re easy to use and you will have to open the world-map to work out where you need to be heading.

The inventory scheme tells you all about your adventure, you can see the total number of moves taken, time played, and game progress.

Main Features

Red’s Kingdom only has a single player campaign mode. However, there are in-game achievements that add to the replay value. The achievement that puzzled me the most, was the ‘Speed Run’ achievement requiring you to complete the whole game in under 90 minutes!

The storytelling of Red’s adventures is truly comical and told well with cutscenes and cartoons that don’t go on too long. The voice acting uses a typical nonsensical style with the tell-tale grunts and squeaks of role-playing games. This adds to comical side of the game. Some of the characters you meet during the adventure are memorable and the quests too.

If you combine the item hunting, health increase by hunting extra heart pieces, collecting 100% of the acorns and the golden nuts (which I honestly think pay homage to Zelda’s tri-force). The Red’s Kingdom is not a short game, it’s one with good depth and replay value.

Overall Red’s Kingdom is one nutty adventure!

Should You Red’s Kingdom on Nintendo Switch?

Game Name review - MGL Uncommon Rating

Red’s Kingdom is a quirky fun puzzle adventure game that will suit gamers of all ages. It fits the pick and go style of the Nintendo Switch and really suits the handheld mode. I could see myself playing this game on my train commute or during my lunch break.

The puzzles are clever and require creative thinking. Just don’t over think them though! The solutions are often very easy!

Gamers who will suit this game…

If you like games that fit in the Legend of Zelda genre you will most likely enjoy Red’s Kingdom. Also, fans of Cat’s Quest on the Nintendo Switch you will enjoy the similarity.

Additionally, if you are an older fan of games from the 1980-90’s you may remember some of the isometric games that look and play similarly.


The GoodThe BadThe Bugs
Cute and colourfuldon’t over think the puzzlesNone noticed during the review
Fiendish Levelsoccasional hitting the wall with puzzles
fair save pointssome repetition

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