Rabbids Invasion came to me as a bit of a surprise. I’d never enjoyed the snarky little “rabbids” and their ear-piercing laughter, but it seems I’m over that feeling now, and perhaps the little critters have grown on me somewhat over my time with them. So let’s see how this Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show Review goes…

Look and Feel

To begin with, the game looks great. Smooth as you could ask for. It’s literally a cartoon episode for every level, in which you copy the poses and make the movements requested of you for bonus coins.

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The rabbids themselves are hilarious and the supporting cast of humans that actually talk, aliens etc. all come together to make a show I’d actually rather enjoy watching. It’s not exactly going to take home Best Next-Gen Visual Accomplishment or anything, but what it does, it does well.

Gameplay and Game Modes

There are 20 levels overall in 6 different regions total, most of which are locked, and you must complete the available levels with enough coins – the reward for a good job as you play – to unlock new levels and objects as you level up. In the levels, as mentioned above, you’ll find yourself having to pull various poses for the Kinect, as well as pointing at objects you spot on the screen.

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It’s an amalgamation of different children’s games essentially, and they work well enough to make you think you’re a part of the cartoon. The issue can be, as is almost always an issue with Kinect, that it doesn’t always register your pose or capture your pointing out of a passing object. Even when it does work well, sometimes the game can be a bit too quick with the pointing-out segments.

By far, the most fun part of any level is the “do this movement as quickly as you can for this amount of time”. Such as jogging on the spot, or lifting your arms one after the other. You feel a lot more involved during these parts than you do when copying poses.

This is a game for high-score hunters, and no doubt this would be at its most fun with friends. Its a party game at heart, but even alone, you’ll want to beat your score. The one issue with the scoring is it seems uneven. You don’t get more coins for being quick, rather, the amount awarded is often random. Perhaps there’s a pattern I haven’t identified, or that factor is determined more accurately in multiplayer, but as far as I’ve noticed, it gives out coins however it feels like provided the requested action is completed.

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If you find you’re enjoying the game, there are purchasable episodes from the store. I can’t speak for them myself, but they are indeed available to those of you obsessed with Rabbids.


Rabbids Invasion is a lot of fun in small bursts. Thankfully the episodes are about 3 minutes or so, give or take, and are genuinely funny. There’s enough to do to keep you busy and it’s a nice break from the norm, as you won’t find anything quite like it. I’d prefer it were more accurate with the score-keeping in single-player, but that aside, it’s a good game I can recommend to any family that  can withstand the maniacal laughter of Rabbids. Just know that, alone, you’re going to have to run the same levels are a few times to unlock everything, which can get a bit tedious.

Rabbids Invasion The Interactive TV Show
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