What if Robot Wars and Fallout 4 touched each other’s naughty bits? Well, we’d have the first piece of Fallout 4’s paid downloadable content as a result. Automatron introduces a new quest line and lets you to build a Robot Workshop at your settlements, allowing production of a few Mecha-Homies as companions through the Wasteland. When you scavenge the parts of other, hostile robots, you can then apply those pieces to your own bot-buddy and rain hell upon the Commonwealth. Or help people, I guess. If that’s how you like to spend your time. That’s the gist of it, but if you want to know more, read on for our full Fallout 4 Automatron Review.

Fallout 4 Automatron Review 3
A shocking reveal! Trashbot attacks with lightning reflexes.

So first off, the main quest: how is it? It’s fine. The Mechanist isn’t a particularly menacing adversary, but it drives the narrative through and finding out why The Mechanist does what it does has a decent resolution. I’ll not spoil anything, but the quest begins when you help a caravan under siege from some savage, new robot creations. Ada, a robot with a fully operational personality, becomes a companion as a result and she enlists your aid in taking down The Mechanist. I did experience a slight progression issue with Ada as a result of her terrible Protectron legs. At one point, you have to use Ada to break in to a facility. I’d ran ahead only to find that she was standing about 4 minutes away from me and refused to follow. I then had to slowly walk ahead of her bit by bit, leading a horse to water, if you will. A really, really slow horse. If you undertake the Mechanist quests, I advise you upgrade Ada’s legs. I can’t guarantee that’s why the issue occurred, as she seemed to speed up soon after, but that’s an issue I experienced and it was incredibly annoying.

Fallout 4 Automatron Review 2
My glorious modification to Ada. Now, my dear, let us burn down the Commonwealth.

The undeniable attraction to this add-on pack is the Robot Workshop. As stated in our opening, you gain the workshop after you agree to assist Ada. If you have the materials, you can build any schematics you’ve found during your outings against robots. You’re given access to a fair amount of modifications without the need of scavenging, but it’s important to bare in mind that you’ll need high Science and Robotics Expert perk ranks to make the best gear, as well as some rare components. These robots can be optimised for maximum ranged damage, melee or carrying capacity. There are so many possibilities and, if it weren’t for the relationship perks attributed to the actual companions, these robot creations beat them hands-down. If your robots have hands. Claws? Chips? Either way, same principle. There’s not much cooler than ripping the legs from a Sentry Bot and sticking them straight on your own personal Robocop.

Fallout 4 Automatron Review 4
The Salvaged Automatron Head is very effective when fully charged. Bots be damned.

There also a fair amount of cool weapon additions. I don’t doubt I’ve yet to find them all, but I’ve come across a “Salvaged Automatron Head”, which can be charged up to five times with the reload button, only to unleash a devastating laser beam that also irradiates you. It’s a high risk, high reward weapon, but keep some Radaway handy and it’ll be your best friend if you’re specialising in energy weapons. I also came across a gamma gun and Tesla Rifle. I’m not certain as to whether or not they were available in the base game, but the Tesla Rifle is useful. It chains lightning shots to surrounding enemies. That aside, there’s an Assaultron Blade Arm and a Mr Handy Buzz Saw Blade that I’ve tried out. They’re fine, but I prefer the Super Sledge to this day. The fabled Chain Lightning Minigun has eluded me thus far, but it sounds pretty damn awesome. One day, it shall be mine.

I liked the look of some of the helmets in the add-on too. Having an Eyebot for a head made for many a weird conversation. There are other armour pieces that’d go in to spoiler territory, but I’ll just say that it features my favourite headpiece to date. I will never take it off. Not even for nuclear showers.

Fallout 4 Automatron Review 1
A bit of old school gaming on the Pip-Boy. You can game whilst you game. Where’s Xzibit!?

I also stumbled across the “Automatron” Holotape Mini-game. I wasted far too much time on it, but what a nice little distraction. A 2D, top down shooter that has you fending off waves of enemies and rescuing fleeing people for extra points.

That’s pretty much it. A short review of a short piece of content, but I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. It’s a fine chunk of content that enhances the Wasteland experience. Especially since I had to restart my entire Fallout experience (weird save data disappearance), I’m glad to have a reliable companion that’s open to customisation. It brings to light how lacking the general companions are, or perhaps it’s more about the interface within which you equip them. Either way, the Robot Future is upon us. Armed with my Power Armour and Laser-sniper wielding, Cryo-gun shooting, Sentry-bot gliding Ada-bot, I’d say this piece is more than worthy of your time if you’re still rummaging around in the Commonwealth. If you’re not, I wouldn’t say it’s enough to bring you back in, but it’ll be nice to have when Far Harbor releases in May.

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