One of the best shooters of the year was free to play recently and added to its huge number of fans. Including this one. While not being a very busy, doting Dad this summer I have been a very avid lover of Overwatch. So it’s about time I got this Overwatch Review out there.

Many more are like me and are hooked by this amazingly simple, yet perfectly executed multiplayer experience from Blizzard.

Here you will get my thoughts on the title and our official score. A little late you say? Well, it’s been one hell of a summer gamers and I’ve personally had to focus on the family and other distractions.

But I’m back with this look at what could be the best FPS of the year. And maybe one to contend with Uncharted 4 for GOTY. Let’s go!

Look and Feel – Fast, Fun and Stylish

One of the biggest strengths you’ll find in Overwatch throughout your play time is its simplicity and emphasis on fun.

overwatch-review-presentationEverything about the graphics, sound and presentation of the game is just that. The environments are colourful, the characters are wonderfully designed and are all just a bit of fun. Tracer with her one liners, Winston being a giant ape leaping around and Bastion with his love of little birds and giant chain-guns.

But that comes with performance too. The game is so smooth you could almost spread it on your toast like butter. My version is on Xbox One and there is hardly a hint of a glitch in the map, a drop of a frame or slow down. It’s genuinely a joy to experience the game at a solid 60FPS and really feel that speed.

Everything looks great too. The colours are bright and the motion around you as you play, with cartoon effects and stunning maps it’s one of the best looking games of the year.

Gameplay – Simplicity at it’s Addictive Best

We’re back with that word: simplicity. But it really is just that, a game that keeps things simple at its core and gives players options.

overwatch review gameplayThe formula is simple, you are attacking or defending in the mission on Assault. Escort is similar, you are protecting something along its journey or trying to stop it. Control is more like domination, keeping areas secure with everyone on attack and defence.

And when you are doing these missions, or mixing it up with Hybrid mode, you can be one of 4 classes of heroes: Offence, Defence, Tank or Support.

Each class of hero has a pick-up-and-play character, one that you can just jump right into can get going with little experience and enjoy a few games. But then there are more advanced characters and then ones for people highly skilled should use.

It all makes perfect sense.

But for me, this type of idea can be a lot like a fighting game with so many characters to choose from. I’ll only ever really play as one or two of them normally. So I was very, very surprised to see that I could enjoy playing a number of characters, even if all classes weren’t for me right away.

A good offence…

Offence and Defence were good classes for me personally, Tanks can be a bit fun at times but I didn’t personally enjoy support, although I never really do. But even within the 3 options I enjoyed at least 2 characters from each one and was happy to flick between them from game to game.

overwatch review heroesGameplay wise you take to the fight on small to medium maps taking on the objective for your mission. You have a combination of melee characters and different classes of shooters, with special moves. Once you deal out enough damage, a unique super move that really can give you the edge.

Just don’t waste it!

Online play is perfect, with the emphasis more on the game being fun and one to just play to enjoy yourself. This has the nice bonus of seeing less players taking things way too seriously and get overly aggressive. The atmosphere is more relaxed which is unusual in competitive shooters at the moment.

Overall – Multiplayer for Everyone

I don’t particularly go in for multiplayer. I really do like to play some at times but it’s hard as a family man to take part sometimes as many games rely on you for large chunks of time.

overwatch review screenOverwatch is all about speed, fun and simplicity. Each game you play manages to capture that in a short time frame. Meaning you can just have a quick play and enjoy as much as those in for a long session paying some matches.

The only thing this game, and its wonderful characters lacks is a single player experience that they deserve. Blizzard have suggested that this could be coming in the future and that would be just like them to continue to really develop it further.

With maps, characters and fun updates like the Rocket League inspired game, there is more to this package than just what comes when you get it. I doubt the Overwatch we play now will be anywhere near the same as the one we play next year.

The simple principles of fun and addictive gameplay make this not only one of the best shooters of the year; but one of the best games of the year. This is a real wake-up call for games like the upcoming Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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