Well. that was brief. My Night Job is a retro-arcade side-scrolling action game and doesn’t go very much beyond that. I expected at least a few stages, but it all takes place in the one backdrop. It’s fun to play once or twice, but unless you REALLY want to get those trophies for more abilities and absolutely must have the highest score, this isn’t worth your time in my opinion. This is our full My Night Job review.

Look and Feel

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With its retro, arcade visuals that resemble higher resolution 2D cartoon characters, My Night Job intends to bring you back to the glory days of high scores and bragging rights. It looks pretty good for what it is. A mansion filled with various demonic beings and general zombies. The enemies are actually pretty varied in their look and there are some nice touches to it, like walking in to a Dracula like section of the mansion that suddenly turns in to a black and white, silent movie whilst you’re in that region.

The disappointment here is that the Mansion is the only backdrop. As a result, the third of fourth time through gets tired pretty fast. Both from a visual and gameplay perspective, it just doesn’t offer much to enjoy for too long.


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In My Night Job, you take control of a lay-about that sees an opportunity to join a special task force. He is then dropped in to this Mansion in order to save any survivors (up to 100. Don’t want to be too heroic, now) and rack up money, serving as your high score. In order to do this, he must clear the Mansion’s various rooms of zombies before they destroy four rooms and bring the place down. These undead beasts respawn frequently and over-run the rooms on your map, which you can see via a colour-coded system of green (okay) yellow (in trouble) and red (emergency – about to fall). Standard traffic light system. It works well.

In your fight against the dead, you’ll have access to weaponry you find in the Mansion. Anything from dirty socks to chainsaws. Lamps to boxes. Chairs to other chairs. Basically, there are a lot of weapons. The issue is that most of them are clones of their same type. I’ve had two shotguns that fire the same. A chair, box, chest and lamp that all do the same slam animation. Socks and other minor items that are as useless as your bare fists. In my experience, the only fun weapon was the chainsaw, which let you charge straight through hordes of enemies. These items have durability, so you’re constantly switching it up, which would be smart if the variety of weapons were all fun to use, but they’re mostly not, so I found myself sticking to the chainsaw (whenever I was lucky enough to find it) and slam move objects to clear rooms.

Saving people involves walking past them, which makes them follow you, and leading them to an extraction point. Each save nets you a special bonus. Either health, money or a shotgun mainly. My issue here is that you can only tag 10 people to follow you at once. Granted, too many would make the mission too easy, and with only one place to play within (the Mansion), that could be a problem, but 10 at a time seems too little. I feel you should be able to risk having them killed for the benefit of netting at least 25, allowing for four hard runs to rescue 100 people. 10 is a harsh limit and the game doesn’t hold up well enough for that to remain enjoyable in such long stints.

Ultimately, the game is one-note. You go in, go up, down, left and right on a 2D field as you extract survivors and kill zombies. I was honestly shocked when I didn’t see a level select or anything of the sort. I expected a little more than one stage. It really rubbed me the wrong way, but if you’re fine with it, there are high scores to be had and unlocking trophies/achievements also unlocks special in-game abilities by interacting with the trophies in the trophy room.


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There is some joy to be had in My Night Job, but there is certainly not enough of it. Outside of the one stage, the weapons don’t vary in a significantly interesting way and after a few attempts, you’ve seen all that you need to. If you’re obsessed with being the best, the high score rankings might keep you entertained, but outside of that, I see no real reason to bother with My Night Job when there’s so many other good products on the market.

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