I do like a game that takes me back to my gaming past. Housemarque are excellent for bringing that feeling of classic arcade games to a modern console so to get a chance to deliver my Nex Machina review, was something I wasn’t going to miss. And it’s certainly another great experience to play on your PS4 or PC from a very talented team.

A top down arcade shooter might be considered a bit simple in gaming now. But Nex Machina brings addictive gameplay and amazing visuals with this challenging game. It’s great fun, both solo and with friends and is certainly worth a play.

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Look & Feel – Top Down, Colour Up

You may think a top-down game isn’t going to be anything spectacular. But as with recently reviewed Victor Vran, this isn’t your standard experience. The colours are bright and everything on the screen looks incredibly vivid.

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Design of the levels is really clever too, with this mechanical maze style being used and everything around you glowing… or exploding!

The particle effects and vivid colours are really what stand out as you play. Plus the fact the design of the machinery you need to blow-the-hell-out-of is also nicely done.

To build on the frenetic gameplay and impressive visuals you have a really engaging soundtrack and cool SFX too. Everything here is about keeping that arcade gameplay going and nothing in the game wants to break that feeling of fast, fun, action.

Story and Gameplay – Phasers on Kill

There isn’t too much going on in terms of a big story here. You simply need to rescue the humans from a bunch of rather nasty alien machines.

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Getting into the arcade shooting action is really what this titles is all about. You have levels to progress through, getting harder as you go. You face waves of enemies to destroy and obstacles to overcome as you go. Blasting away will get you power-up bonuses for your weapons to shoot more things at once!

Sounds awesome right? Well it is, this is an incredible arcade game with a twin stick control mechanism to aim the direction of fire for your weapons. Using shoulder buttons unleashes powered shots and abilities, which are needed in order to survive as things get crazy.

The right balance of challenge and fun

Progressing though will see you face some really tough challenges too with some epic level boss fights to take on. Even without them, some levels will really test your reflexes and your thinking skills. Getting to all the humans in a level can be blocked and will require some really well timed jumps to get to.

Plus the sheer number of enemies coming for you at once can also provided quite the challenge. But it’s always fun, fast and exciting and has you ready to go back again and try harder.

There is more than simply an arcade game here though. Play this with friends the old fashioned way, in person, and it becomes even more fun. However, in the day of online gaming online play being missing will be a negative to some.

Usually Housemarque are ones for including online features so no doubt it will be something they consider adding to the game later. But for now it’s one of the few negatives.


This is classic arcade fun with a modern twist and a game many will find themselves playing for hours. It’s fast, explosive and challenging but with that perfect balance which never sees the fun diminish.

The lack of online co-op play is a negative but the local play is excellent. It is possible the developers could also add this to the game in the long run.

Otherwise this is excellent, a real joy to play for fans of arcade style shooters and a real homage to classics like Smash TV. I can’t wait to get back shooting some more, i’ll leave you with my scores below and the comments too. Will you play this, will you get your friends round for a blast? Let me know!

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