If your here you either like Telltale Games or want to know if this is the place to start playing them. I’m certainly in the liking category, the games are fantastic and I was very much look forward to this one. And as I put together my Michonne Mini Series review, I was thinking about the episodes and have to wonder if this was just to keep the Walking Dead franchise ticking over a little rather than being something special.

Fans of the series will enjoy this for sure, but if you are here thinking of this being your first Telltale Games experience go back to Series One of The Walking Dead and begin there to get a full sense of the quality that can be delivered.

I have of course been playing and reviewing the episodes of the Michonne gamers and had a look at Episode One “In Too Deep”. Episode 2 “Give No Shelter” and Episode 3 “What We deserve. You can read them all individually, by clicking them but each contain spoilers for the previous episode.

Here you have a full review of the series with no spoilers and the full MGL detailed breakdown. Saying that, let’s go…

Look and Feel – A beautiful, Gruesome Graphic Novel

One thing they always get right is the artwork in these episodes. Every scene looks like it’s taken directly from a graphic novel with some of the most beautifully captured scenes in any graphic adventure out there.

The characters are captured so well too, particularly Michonne and the villains of the piece Randall and Norma but the level of detail is everywhere with all character, however short lived, looking hand drawn with great care.

Michonne Mini Series Review 1The performances of the voice actors is excellent too, supporting cast members are interning and we’ll acted while Randall and Norma manage to play great antagonists in a reasonably short time frame and Michonne along with Pete who’s a cool character to balance out her harsh nature.

As good as the presentation, graphics and acting is to create an immersive atmospheric, the technical side is still lacking as other Telltale Games. Loading makes scenes stutter and freeze while the game jerks around at times for no apparent reason and it’s really time for them to address this side of the developments before the next title.

But it is wonderfully designed and very in-keeping with the standards set by The Walking Dead games.

Story and Gameplay – Choices That Really Make You Feel It

The plot takes some big ups and downs in this series and suffers from a lack of flow, which when you consider the fact there are only 3 episodes you’d think that would be harder to do.

The start of the game is excellent as you take over Michonne battling Walkers split between the events of the mind, tearing her psyche apart, and what she’s really doing in the real world. Her children are at the centre of the hysteria as you search for them in your home before them, but this is long gone as you are fighting your own demons as you hack away at Walkers in the desolate lands of the world as it is now.

Michonne Mini Series Review 2Your first choice in The Walking Dead is rather chilling, but soon you are with a new friend called Pete, a gentle person still holding onto the goodness of people and gives Michonne a role on his ship.

The setting is rather nice to be on the water a while and soon you come across others in thieves Sam and Greg. But they are on the run from a society called Monroe, a community on the water lead by the sinister Norma and her rather savage brother, Randall. And it’s not long until you are brought in by them and needing to escape them aligning yourself with Sam and making some big choices along the way.

It’s actually a good story overall, but when you look at the game over the 5 hours or so it takes to complete, there are way too many moments that feel forced and a bit slow. There are so many safe elements here too, even though when it does go mad it really is good, too many parts are on the slow side and take a little too long.

This is not to say the game’s story isn’t good, there are some fantastic moments most of them found in episode 2 and the end of episode 3. Michonne’s past is the part that pulls you along through the series and I did find it quite emotional towards the end of the last episode, it really does get you at times. There were just not enough of them compared to the main series.

Gameplay it’s all about choices with dialogue and actions, mixed in with some quick time events that have you pressing the correct button or moving the thumb stick the right way on prompt. It’s not the gameplay you come for with a graphic adventure like the Telltale series but they really do their best to make it interesting as you play with some shooting, platforming and action sequences that are fun enough for the style.

Michonne Mini Series Review 3The choices are the best gameplay/story element for this series and some of the decisions you can make are very dark and I really enjoyed them. This of course leads to more chance of playing again to see what happens if you do the other action.

Overall – Not Quite My Clementine

It’s not the best Telltale game series out there and maybe it was something to keep The Walking Dead fans happy and series going for them until they get Batman out there and move back to Clementine’s adventures later down the line.

Michonne’s adventure it’s worth experiencing however, don’t expect the quality of tale found in the main The Walking Dead series, and I would certainly play those first before taking this one on. But there is plenty here for fans to enjoy here especially the outstanding second episode and solid ending.

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