Finally I am back on some Telltale Games and with Michonne’s second episode in this Give No Shelter review. After the first episode which you can find the review of here, I was left a little flat in the end as the start of Michnonne’s tale was overly safe. I came into this episode and expected a bit more.

And it has to be said I got it.

Now with the original review having detail on the game’s presentation and usual MGL layout I am running this and the final episode’s review as free text with a summary and will also bring a review of the entire mini-series together too.

This episode picks up right at the moment you finish the first, Greg has been shot and turned into a Walker in record time with his head soon bashed in with a rather blunt object. Depending on your choices you are either in a situation where there is another dead body, or you engage in a conversation with Zachary.

Michonne Give no Shelter ReviewEither way, it’s time to get away from Nora and Randall but first you need to find Pete. Find him you do and are soon on your way out of Monroe with a very impactful choice on what happens when Pete offers to surrender.

Sam is your best bet for escape as you head for her house but it’s not long before Randall is on your trail and seems only a matter of times before things get ugly.

The presentation of all this episode is excellent once again, the comic style of this series works so well to distance the series from the TV enough and give it more of a nod to the original graphic novels. This only works so well due to the performances of the actors too and all of them really put in a good performance on this one, but as a gamer who believes a story like this can only be as strong as the villains, Randall is by far the best character in this episode.

He’s one nasty piece of work and the choice you end the episode on will really make you think about those emotional the story element of the game tries to ensue. But this is the key element to this episode for me, just how good the choices are presented to you, especially the key ones. There is also a number of shocking moments that are really well crated here and I’d certainly say that the story here gets closer to the expectations of a standard The Walking Dead game we’ve seen for two seasons now.

Michonne Give no Shelter Review-1Gameplay wise this episode has a good mixture of things to do with the sneaking out of Monroe, great use of choices that force you to act them out too. No to mention the action sequences that get you almost into some 3rd person shooting, if very briefly. But the best part of the gameplay with the game is how you engage with the other cast and those more difficult moments where you have to get involved in life saving sequences and it all gets a bit bloody.

Other than the standard Telltale loading and movement glitches at times there isn’t that much to say against this episode it really sets things up nicely for a good finale and makes up somewhat for the poor start of the first game.

If anything can pull you across the line with this Mini-series it’s this episode and one I would consider strong enough to fit in with the standard series. Now it’s down to them to make the last episode work as well, find out how it all finishes on MGL plus I score the series in its entirety following the release of the final review.

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