I’m here looking at the finale to the Michonne mini-series, everything is about to come together following the events of the first two episodes and THAT choice at the end of episode 2. But will this What We Deserve review end up like the first episode where it was all a bit flat, or the second episode where Telltale got so many things right?

Let’s find out, but remember there will be Spoilers for previous episodes here. So don’t read if you haven’t completed episodes 1 and 2.

Right now that’s out of the way, how about the end to episode 2, Give No shelter! I loved it and it seriously brought out my dark side, looking at the stats for that answer was also quite interesting.

Michonne What We Deserve Review 1Me, well I smashed Randall’s head on big time! No hesitation, no remorse just bits of brain and skull going flying as I used the big wrench to kill the nasty piece of work. It was the right choice in the circumstances I felt but, if you didn’t, then he’s alive and kind-of well in episode 3. For me, he soon turned into a Walker and started snapping at us all.

The scene is highly passionate at this point, Norma is on her way with all your crew hostage and ready to do to them whatever you have done to Randall… Yeah, maybe not what I’d like to happen. But then they slowed everything right down, the story hit a lull for what was half the episode in the end and by the time it kicked off again I was a bit flat.

This is one of those episodes where most of the game is talking people, Norma’s coming (not Omar!) and it’s more than certain to end in a fight; especially for me as Randall is a zombie. But we have an idea, bag over his head and tie him up so they can’t tell. Foolproof right?

You move around the house helping people while engaging in the visions Michonne has been suffering from with her own lost children. These provide the best moments and there are some interesting conversations as ever with the Telltale Games. Non of it is bad, don’t get me wrong I just feel it was too long chatting after building some good momentum and tension in the last episode that was bang on.

Michonne What We Deserve Review 2There are lots of gameplay choices with this episode, each person you meet you can impact in some way especially Sam who’s determined to move her father’s body. Others need guns to prepare for the showdown and soon it’s time.

The negotiations bring back some of that tension, Norma is a good villain that takes a different angle to Randall. He’s more a “set the world on fire” type, she’s the more intelligent with her malevolence and commands a certain amount of respect too. Everything about the exchange of people is tense, what you say and when seems like a very big deal as many people’s lives are on the line. You’ll enjoy this scene and the ending most of all in this episode I simply feel the slow section beforehand was there to pad the episode out a little.

Overall the end of the end is good and your choices can really change things here but the first part just let’s it down. I liked this episode, and the series but it didn’t hit the heights it was capable of.

Check out the full series review here for my views on the whole package.

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