You may have played Mario Kart numerous times before on different hardware, but now you can enjoy this classic game series on the Nintendo Switch.  If, like me you have followed this game from it’s old school origins, right through to this modern adaptation or new to this game. My Mario Kart 8 deluxe edition review will show this game has something for both fans and newcomers to enjoy.

So if you’re new to the madcap word world of Mario kart then strap on your racing suit and buckle up. If you’re a veteran of the series then drift along with me and find out what’s new.

My full thoughts are below but I also want to here yours, drop me a comment at the end of the article on this, and your Nintendo Switch thoughts so far.

Look and Feel – “Technicolor rainbow roads”

Mario kart brings the whole fun of the racing track to the Switch in glorious HD running at 60fps. Everything looks as impressive as you would expect with the colours and style jumping off the screen.

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The game literally pops out of either screen right at you, with bright colours bringing the whole world of Mario to life. These is a certain a familiarity that make you feel like you know the game, but also a level of added quality thanks to the Switch.

While the game feels very close Mario Kart 8 from the WiiU, there are many small touches in the presentation that make it feel smoother.  It’s the feeling of your old pair of favourite trainers after trying on new ones in the store.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has arrived on the Nintendo Switch and it looks awesome.

Game modes and Gameplay – “Now get your own car and we’ll see how you do”

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brings all the racing circuits from previous version a whopping 48 tracks, all your favourite racers and their crazy car contraptions.  There’s a few new characters to play from other Nintendo games, the Inklings from Splatoon and there’s all the characters from the WiiU version DLC including Animal Crossing and Zelda series.

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If your familiar to the game you will remember the pain of unlocking all the racing modes. Well Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brings all the different engine category competitions and mirror mode from the start.

The biggest change is the welcomed return of Battle mode with new play modes and new arenas.  Battle mode brings the whole destruction derby racing style to the circuits.  There’s plenty of varied game types to keep your interest and give a break from circuit racing.  These range from balloon battles, coin collection, cops n’ robbers style chases and bomb throwing.

All these game types are fully customisable to your own liking.

One of the game changes i enjoyed was the double boxes that appear on the circuits, these gift you with 2 item drops instead of the previous 1 item allowing you to cause much more mayhem.  But beware you cant change the order you may want to use them, its strictly on first come basis.

Controls and Switch Gaming Modes

The game was played in both docked and handheld modes during the review using joycons and pro controller.  There was no difference or apparent advantage i using each controller type, but those with large hands I find the horizontal joy con and little cramped.

I tried single player and also 4 player modes including online play and local wireless, Switch to Switch modes too.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition Review Image 3

There is no apparent slow down when the screen is split into quarters for 4 player and the frame rate remains solid.  Surprisingly, playing 4 player on the go in mobile mode with the Switch on a table was a pleasant experience.  Yes the screen is small but the viewing angles are great, it reminded of the fun of playing Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS.

Online play is great too, all the options from previous versions are here including the ability to play with random racers, choose friends and create your own racing competitions.  Yes Nintendo online services will come with a price near the end of the year, but for now it’s completely free.

One of other big changes to the game is in the area of accessibility.  All players can choose the level of gaming assists they wish to use.  This consists of an auto acceleration button to remove the need to hold down the A button and a steering assist which helps keeping the karts on the track. Both of these assists may be ignored by the seasoned racer, but if you are a family gamer you may find that younger racers will welcome them.

The accessibility options are a welcomed addition to the game as I’m sure they will allow gamers who have specific support needs to enjoy the game on a level par with other gamers.


I really enjoyed this game, it had all the appeals of the Mario Kart series that I’ve played over the years, new content and that important feeling of new fun. If you’re fortunate enough to be new to the series then you’re in for a real treat.

If you’re an experienced Mario Carter then there’s plenty enough here to keep you interested.  Mario is the daddy of fun racing games!  He’s back with the added fun of being on the Nintendo Switch.

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