I love games with good boss fights, they are something that I hope doesn’t get lost in the realism of games we see today. But there is zero danger of that happening with the game we have here from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Alvion of Japan. This Malicious Fallen review is all about boss fights!

Now while fans of the series may know this and many other things, this was my first time in this series and therefore my first experience.

And I did really like it, there are some really cool elements to this game that got me hooked. It has a few frustrations too but certainly more positives. See my full thoughts below and get Commenting at the end with your thoughts on this one.

Look and Feel – Big Bosses, Cool Artwork

As general presentation goes I was really surprised just how good everything here looks. You expect to see certain levels of quality from a digital only game but not necessary something so striking. This is really something to look and and has some really nice about of detail, along with some impressive artwork.

Of course the focus is on the characters here, particularly your character and the bosses which are huge and look great.

Malicious Fallen Review Image 1The overall presentation of this game feels nicely Japanese, it’s not trying to fit a western idea of a game like some. It feels like a game created in Japan and has that look and feel in everything it does.

The larger than life bosses and even standards grunts around them, plus the strange entities that help guide you between the levels.

It’s helped by a funky soundtrack that certainly fits the boss fight nature of the gameplay. My only issue with the game is the awful sound of the spiritual guide characters “taking”. Except they are just grumbling on constantly while you read text translating what they are saying. It’s really annoying to the point it put me off doing any form of training.

Other than that it looks really cool and has a fitting soundtrack to get you enjoying the main gameplay.

Story and Gameplay

The story is a thin one, you are a spiritual vessel designed to recapture the powers of the world to defeat the ultimate beast. The problem is the people looking after that power really don’t want to give it back to you.

So in order to take down the big boss, you gotta take out the smaller bosses to regain your full power.

Malicious Fallen Review Image 2Here you then exist in the spirit world ready to take on the various bosses until you are powerful enough to go for the big one. First you can train here safely to go over the various combat mechanics.

Starting with the ability to turn your strange, back wings into fists as a power you can smack things around and do simple combos. Said black wings can also launch projectiles at your foes and combine with your fist powers together. Kicking some ass stacks up Aura, a points system that gives you perks to land better attacks or heal up. With this activated you go into “Chain Killing Mode” and grow your Aura more as you do so… or if you don’t it will soon deplete.

Damage done to you smashes your limbs off, yeah you read that right. And when they are all gone then your are done. Starting the game you pick your continues too so be prepared on your first go to get the maximum, 9 or you’ll soon lose your progress.

Fun VS Frustration

There is a lot of fun to this gameplay as the combat is fast and classic action style. There is more than a hint of DMC or Bayonetta going on here, but elements stop it being to their quality.

Malicious Fallen Review Image 3On the final side the bosses really are cool and put up a great challenge. In the traditional sense they tend to power up at set makers on their health. Getting them down to 50% for example will see them power up a bit and behave differently.

Unlocking powers is cool too as they have a big impact, while initially I didn’t have much soon I had a flying ability zipping around the arenas. Plus I enjoyed my time using the spear and upgraded combos, with even more rewards to collect as you keep going. These vary on which order you do the bosses in since you have a free choice which order to do them in.

But on the other side, the combat at times feels a bit too random. Like I was just randomly shooting or trying things rather than really using combos with some strategy in mind. Plus the start of the game with the basic powers was tough, especially to get a good score for the fight. Later with more upgrades it feels great but then becomes somewhat easier.

The limited continues with work for you or they won’t here. It’s very old school in that sense, but I personally didn’t mind. I did mind some do the frustrating moments in the game mentioned and the fact it’s hard to tell how damaged your character is.

Still, fans of Japanese action combat and lager than life bosses will like this one. Is good even with a few issues along the way.


This is a Japanese action game for fans of Japanese action! It doesn’t try to be anything else and it really is fun to play as much as it can be frustrating.

I enjoyed myself for the time i played through and with higher scores to target there is some reason to go back for more. If that doesn’t motivate you however, once it’s finished it’s likely you will be too.

It all looks really cool and it has some nice action gameplay features and some cool powers. Not everything is as refined as similar games but it won’t stop you having fun. Check out my scores below and if you want to know more about the game or fancy getting it get me in the Disqus Comments below.

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