From the creators of the BlazBlue series comes a new adventure. One of dragons and exploration and…cooking! Little Dragons Cafe is a farming sim developed for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 by Aksys and Rising Star Games. See how they have done with it in my Little Dragons Cafe Review

Farming sims just keep getting better. With games like Yonder, Moonlighter, Stardew Valley and more bringing this genre to more gamers, the bar keeps getting raised. As a result, more farming sims are being made to try to get in on this wave of farming sim glory.

Little Dragons Cafe is one such game. Is it a farming sim worthy of being grouped with games like Stardew Valley, or does it miss the mark?

Read on to find out, and don’t forget to leave a like, drop a comment, and share with everyone you know whether they asked for it or not!

How does Little Dragon’s Cafe play?

Playing Little Dragons Cafe was…OK. It was fun in very small doses as it got boring pretty quickly. The farming gameplay loop didn’t hook me and was done much better in other farming sims.

Like most others, you get up, you gather, you cook, maybe have some free time to explore, and then you go to bed.

This game gives you a dragon that you also have to take care of, but it doesn’t really add to the experience. Your dragon can help with gathering and can do more for you the bigger it gets.

Once it reaches a certain size, it can start attacking enemies for you. You have to get so close though just to order it to attack, that the enemy will most likely attack you first, stealing any food that you have on you.

It’s no big deal really, but it’s annoying losing anything from your inventory. Especially when you’ve already pressed the button to attack it first.

Even the exploration aspect is a bit ‘meh’. The simple act of jumping, for example, can be hit or miss. A lot of the time my character got caught on whatever it is I was trying to jump on, resulting in a loop of tiny jumps.

I wouldn’t get anywhere until I stopped and re-adjusted myself. It’s small things, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying when it happens.

There are different biomes to explore, but it still feels a bit bland and lifeless throughout the game.

Presentation and Graphics

Little Dragons Cafe Review image 1

One thing I absolutely LOVED about this game was its unique art style. Everything looked like it was from a colouring book, little pencil squiggles and everything. I thought it was adorable.

This was slightly ruined, though, by the jerky framerate issues.

Moving your character is accompanied by this strange jerky motion that does not go away. It affects your character physically, too. Every time it happened, I saw that my characters hair was being pulled with it.

Enough of this started to mess with my eyes a bit and that’s never a good sign, leading into the ‘best in short bursts’ point I made earlier.

There was also noticeable input lag. No matter what you’re doing, there was always a slight delay. Jumping, gathering, even the cooking minigame, which is the worst part as that literally relies on correct timing!

As for the music, it was upbeat and easily wormed its way into my head. It’s still there now. Please send help. Most of the music was incredibly repetitive, and I don’t think in a good way either.

It ended up being quite tiring to listen to, it always had high notes and no breaks to take a breather.

Main Features

Little Dragons Cafe Review image 2

The story starts with your mother falling ill. You get gifted a Dragon Egg from a strange wizard and are told that raising the dragon will help save your mother from certain death.

Oh, and you also have to run the cafe in her absence! It doesn’t make sense but it’s a video game, so it doesn’t need to.

Then, as with most other farming sims, you can take your time really and do whatever. Gathering, cooking and doing little mini-storylines for special guests who turn up to your cafe.

Mum can wait, can’t she?

No stamina needed

Little Dragons Cafe Review image 3

In Little Dragons Cafe the aim of the game is a gameplay loop of gathering and cooking. You don’t have a stamina/health bar that determines when you should probably sleep either.

This means you can be out gathering for days and not have to worry about your stamina. This is actually quite welcome.

There have been many times in other games where I’ve gotten too in the zone and only just made it back to bed in time before passing out! This also would make it easier for kids to manage and I see this being a good ‘my-first-farming-sim’ kind of game.

Your dragon does have a stamina bar, however, that depletes depending on how much you’re having him help you out. This was never an issue for me though.

It never seemed to go down too much, and if it does, you just feed him a bit of food from your inventory. It will replenish at midnight anyway whether you’re still out or not.

Should You Play Little Dragons Cafe?

Little Dragons Cafe Review - MGL Common RatingLittle Dragons Cafe is a cute little farming sim that’s unfortunately ruined by a repetitive gameplay loop that doesn’t grab you like other farming sim games.

It’s fun for a while everytime you start it up, but gets boring pretty quickly.

The framerate issues and input lag don’t do anything to help and make the game come across as kind of poorly made. Despite all that though, the art style is beautiful and it can be fun when you’re really bored or have nothing else to do.

Gamers who will suit this game…

If you’ve played games likeStardew Valley, Yonder and Harvest Moon, you’d maybe enjoy this. It’s obviously not going to be as good, but it’s a farming sim. If you like them, you might enjoy Little Dragons Cafe.

As pointed out earlier, this would be a good starting game for children interested in farming sims but are too young or wouldn’t understand the more complicated mechanics in usual farming sim games.

The Good The Bad The Bugs
The art style Jittery framerate
Simplicity Input Lag
You can name your dragon Spyro and make him purple Boring Gameplay Loop

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