Movie tie in games tend to fill gamers with a sense of dread, it does in this gamer at least. Thankfully, they now seem to be doing one of two things, not bothering at all or allowing those cool LEGO characters run around in a version of the movie world. And here in this LEGO Jurassic World review, I can say it works just as well as you’d expect. With nicely crafted graphics, fun to solve puzzles and some solid movie tie in moments to enjoy from both the new movie and the classics as well.

It’s not spectacular in any sense but it’s a very fun family game for the younger gamers in the house… And those young at heart.

Look & Feel

Everything is colourful, nicely presented and has undeniable charm even in the games designs of those hungry dinosaurs. The game utilises a mix of fun movie sequences to break up the game engine and show more interactions between the characters. The game engine does enough, it’s nothing special and if you’ve seen LEGO games before you’ll know exactly what to expect. It’s bright, colourful and had some nice touches of course but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

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Movie sequences are better as you would expect and do have some funny moments in there with the movie characters LEGO counterparts. Voice acting is good in places but, again, nothing out of the ordinary.

It’s a solid game and it’s certainly presented well enough for its audience. The charm and fun of LEGO is the main thing here and they get that element spot on.

Story & Gameplay

You start out simply enough, getting some Raptors into containment. This introduces you to the gameplay mechanics nicely with some simple puzzles and challenges. After this you are introduced to the archaeological dig site which keeps you moving through the various puzzle types you’ll be solving nicely. Soon the team are taken from their findings of original dinosaurs and taken to  to Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. Once here the more open nature of the game opens up and you can experience missions from the new game and classics adaptations of the original movies.

The story is there in the background as you play the various levels and do your best to collect as many coins and bonuses as possible. Puzzles involve cleaver usage of the environment to release LEGO blocks and create something to get past an obstacle or perform a task.

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Swapping characters also comes into play too. Some things can only be done by certain people so you flick over to them for their skills, which may be using a specific tool or being able to open special doors. Old school collecting of coins will give you bonuses and there are plenty of collectibles to find in the various areas you can explore.

It’s fun, once again it nothing you haven’t seen in these games before but everything works nicely, the puzzles are fun to solve and get more challenging as you progress. It’s an experience best shared so prepare to play together and have some fun.


The game is solid, although it did have a few moments where the app on the Xbox One version locked up on me but they have patched it since, which seems to have stopped the issue. Technically, just as everything else in the game, its pretty solid and won’t cause you much frustration and with a number of missions from the Jurassic series films there is a lot to keep you entertained here.

If this is the future of movie tie in games long may it continue. It’s well presented, has some funny interactions between the LEGO versions of the movie characters and it’s fun to play. It’s nothing amazing but as a family game it’s more than worth your time having some dinosaur fun.

LEGO Jurassic World Review Format: PS4

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