It’s been a while since we played a survival horror game with no weapons, so here I introduce my Layers of Fear review.

I found this game a challenge to focus on as I prefer to just run in and start shooting everything in sight, however, with this game, if you play with headphones on, in the dark, you’ll reap the benefits.

Layers of Fear is a psychological thriller, that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Living in the days with no television, Layers of Fear takes you deep into the mind of an insane artist who thrived to be successful.

Moving around a house which is constantly shifting at every turn, you start to remove each layer of the artists mind, uncovering their secrets of their rise and fall career. As you uncover each clue throughout the house, you start to uncover the visions of this deranged artist, their fears and hopes and to gain better understanding of what’s going on in his head.

Look and Feel

Layers of Fear is a game with great graphical content. The details in every room is fantastic, right down to the floorboards. The colours of the paint, to the room changing as quick as you move, it really is quite impressive.

Layers of fear review

Every room has a clue. When you try to leave a room that you haven’t done anything or found very little in, the game won’t allow you to leave until you complete that section. This is handy for us gamers who tend to miss things! When you find the final piece of the puzzle, you go through flashbacks that take you to a moment where that object is of significance. When you activate objects such as the record player, notice the room changing slowly, making the heart race a little faster because at this moment you do not know what to expect.

You’re learning about events that have happened and who was effected. Your wife, child, supporters and critics.

The music changes almost every time something happens in a room. The atmosphere changes when you hear voices of a child or the cries and whimpering of a woman. Every time I hear the woman screaming, I jumped out of my skin! The tension is too much sometimes!

Story & Gameplay

Playing in the dark with headphones on, was the best way to experience the game. You get locked into the house and you can feel the anticipation of going to open a door, cut a corner, and activate objects such as record players.

Layers of fear review 2

You are in the mind of an insane artist, in your own home, looking to find a way to complete the painting that will make you recognised in history. Trapped in the house, you unfold the secrets that the artist has never paid attention too, reading the writing on the walls, the windows opening on there own, hearing the child scream and the mother whimper, you begin to discover that all is not what it seems. There are empty bottles of wine, newspaper articles of accidents, and letters from people who have been helping the artist with the likes of relationships and money.

As you play, you are looking at everything though the artists eyes, you can open doors, cupboards, hover over and pick up objects and examine for clues. Some doors won’t open, but the ones that do, you’re scared incase there is something that you really don’t want to see. The doors will open eventually when they are relevant to the section.

Trap doors and mirror doors are the less obvious objects. You don’t realise that there is trap doors, so when you first fall through one, you panic in case you really cannot go back to that particular room.

To play the game responds to each time you move the camera, as you move your surroundings change, the music becomes louder or sometimes stops altogether. If you move towards a window, it will open and it will open so quickly, the vase, lamps and other objects fly and bang against the wall, and you’ll jump out of your skin and want to turn the lights back on.

Some parts of the game I got lost, and kept seeing the same objects, the same thing will continue until you realise you’re getting nowhere. The game is  not easy or obvious. Some parts I got really fed up going through a corridor trying to open every door and nothing would open. (It was a very long corridor

Collecting objects throughout the game, pieces the story together slowly. The time runs away with you while playing. The atmosphere is so real, you feel you’re in the game. You don’t have a weapon but you really don’t need one. You cannot die throughout the game at all. You’re walking round a lot of the time. With no clues, you have to examine everything in the room. Each room is a puzzle or a guide to the next section.

Within the Artists studio, there is a cabinet with six cupboards. You’ve completed the sections when those doors open.

Layers of Fear is a long game but it really doesn’t feel like it. The game makes you want to play right to the end and never put it down.


Layers of Fear was a good game with a compelling story, however, there isn’t enough action for me. In terms of the atmosphere, it blew me away! I would totally recommend playing with headphones and in a dark room. The feeling is so real!

It’s a game that I would recommend someone to place if they are looking to kill a few hours, in the dark!! It’s got the fear factor 100%.

Happy Gaming, Shotty! x

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