Sometimes a game review will come by where the subject isn’t within your normal skill set. But when there are demons, school girls and challenge modes involved, who needs previous experience, am I right? Get ready for some demonic challenges in this King of Fighters 14 review.

The demon in question is an imposing figure, the last challenge on you path to becoming the king of fighters, will you succeed, or will you fail? Let’s take a look at the game and don’t forget to leave me a Disqus or Facebook Comment at the end of the article.

Round One FIGHT!

The first positive thing I will say about King of Fighters is that the menu and load times didn’t annoy. This is something of a non-issue in modern gaming, but sometimes you notice a game with a very sleek, very tidy menu and fast transitions.

The presentation carries over into the stages and most of the character design (more on that later). KOF14 is a very pretty game.

Each arena is stylised and all boast colour and flair, even a great presence of the camp, barmy exuberance you should probably expect from beat-em-ups with a purely for the sake of having it ‘campaign’ (more on that later too).

And as I say for the most part the character design is by and large very nice. However, there is a HUGE disconnect for me as a westerner, when it comes to eastern depictions of women.

Round Two! Too Much Jiggle Physics.

All of the ladies in the game have lady parts, and I know that with fast movement that lady parts sometimes jiggle.

King of Fighters 14 Review 3And I as much as any warm blooded male, don’t mind a little jiggle. There is however a growing movement where rightly women, rightly want to be fairly represented in video games, and fairly thought of in the world proper. Dead or Alive is a game I avidly refuse to play as it frequently hyper-sexualises women.

KOF has a similar problem, one woman fighter, rocks side to side while leaning forward, which is her default stance, and her (very large) breasts sway from side to side.

And it’s not even subtle. I had drawn this character at random, and my eyes were offended to the point where I asked my girlfriend about this. She rolled her eyes and said it was sad.

I know culture differences exists, but surely a game in the modern world deserves more modern, more sensible depictions of women. But less about the bad taste that exists, let’s get back to the good stuff.

Final round! Everything else.

The challenge mode exists simply to push the combo kids to test their skills, and mad skills they must be. There is a survival mode, where between each bout you heal a small portion of your overall health.

The game will continue until you are finally defeated.

Time attack will allow you to beat you times, friends times, the usual really. Training mode allow you to have a free battle against the AI where losing isn’t really an issue, so it is a good time to practice new characters and broaden your capacity for combos. (Editorial note: I have no skills for special combo moves).

The story mode is the piece of the puzzle that actually does the least. 10 team battles, win them all and job done. The process of winning can be made easier as the game gives you a handicap offset each time you lose, which you don’t have to pick, but it is there.

The story itself is a poorly disguised effort to simply add a plot. Your team is entering the King of Fighters tournament, where the champion wants a higher viewership than population on earth. And at the end and ancient alien monster thing attacks the arena.

You then beat him in fight 10 and the game is done. No, really.

The story is such a filler attempt that when it finished I literally laughed. If any other genre had a 1 hour story (bearing in mind most of this was because I kept pausing it to make notes) it would be a travesty, but beat-em-ups, this kind of thing is the norm.

Judges Verdict:

KOF14 is a fun game, it is a pretty game. It is, for a beat-em-up, a perfectly playable game for both casuals, series die-hards will likely have more fun with it.

There is a lot of stuff to unlock, cut scenes and other stuff. It will have costume DLC (a code was kindly provided in box, as fact has it), it will have other stages and such.

The problem, it doesn’t have mainstream appeal, and this is generally what fighters tend to lack. This won’t bridge the gap between die-hards and casuals, and this issue may be exacerbated by the very eastern attitudes present in character designs.

Which is a shame, because I feel that if you have patience to play the same game a few times, this is for you.

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