Some games come along and change a genre in a way you don’t fully expect. I mean, 2D fighters were popular in my early gaming days, and they were perfect for that generation. But as gaming evolved into 3D, they weren’t something I would have expected to be one of the best titles of the fighting game genre today. Blong comes NetherRealm and takes 2D fighters to a whole new level with DC characters in Injustice Gods Among Us & Mortal Kombat. And as with this Injustice 2 review, you’ll see they have once again made 2D fighting just right.

This is everything you want in a 2D fighter on your PS4 or Xbox One. And one that gives you the true DC universe feel with its own twist. Everything is crisp, action packed and there is simply so much to do. And all of it is top quality, with more being added.

Check out my thoughts on this outstanding game below that hits pretty much everything right… And hard! Don’t for getting to share this around and, if you are getting your own battles done in Injustice 2 leave me a comment at the end too.

Look and feel – 2D Action Meets 3D Quality

It’s hard to imagine a 2D fighter can look so good. The whole point of them originally was the hand-drawn or photographed nature of the characters made for great fun. But here this is essentially a full 3D game played in 2D.

There are some amazing animations, character models, all set in some fantastic locations.

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Everything about the in-game-action of Injustice 2 takes things forward from the original. And even takes things beyond the excellent Mortal Kombat X.

Personally I am all about the story mode when I get into any of the NetherRealm games. Here you get to see all those little details they have worked on in order to create a real feeling of the DC Universe.

Every character is modeled in such incredible detail, with characters like Harley Quinn, Bane and of course the lead members of the story, Batman and Superman are all outstandingly captured. But others are just as well done with the supporting cast as you work your way through the story. Each environment feels just right too, with some real effort going into the combat areas looking top quality.

Not only do we have outstanding presentation, there is a quality story, script and an outstanding voice-acting cast. Getting this foundation of presentation, graphical performance and atmosphere right makes the rest of the game feel amazing.

Story and Gameplay – A God Becomes A Tyrant

We are back in this alternate and twisted DC Universe that sees Superman damaged and changed. He has become corrupted by his pain and turned against the Justice League principals and the main rule Batman will not move on: Do not kill.

Superman, and his followers believe what happened with The Joker in the past proves that is the only option. For him, only killing the villains of the world will solve its problems, and he’s more than happy to round them all up.

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Soon a greater threat to Earth arrives and you are forced to deal with it. How will the now divided heroes take on the foe which brought down Krypton in Brainiac?

That’s down to you of course! And every step of the way is amazing. The cinematics and the action make for a true story feel that gets you sucked right in. You can choose at times who you fight as with consequences involved. Going back and unlocking all of the options will see you unlock more story scenes too.

It’s exceptional, more than worth playing the game for alone.

“They say that battle changes you.”

I’ve played my share of 2D fighters over the years but the past few releases of Injustice, Mortal Kombat and now this sequel have taken it to new levels. The feeling of the action has very been as heavy and hard hitting. Injustice 2 lacks the sheer bloodthirsty nature of Mortal Kombat, but every hit feels like these people are not mere mortals.

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Visuals and sound play a huge part in this. Impact flash is just right and then the sound effects as you crunch, crack and slam your opponents is perfect. The super moves are brought in again and can swing a fight. Plus the mini game for timing button presses for added damage and defending them make you focus in even during the sequence.

I do think it can be a trickier to land your Super Move with some characters where others it’s almost impossible to get out of the way of, which adds a little imbalance. When they do land though, they are all outstanding to watch.

Each fighter has their own skills and the balance is a lot better in the game than previous titles. I still find that some of the heavier characters are difficult in comparison to the faster ones. I’d like to think it’s more personal to me, but having seen a few other comments on this, they have not quite got this perfect yet.

But with so many game modes to take on, the metagames and multiplayer fun both on the couch and online. There so much to keep you coming back for, especially know you can play with your characters statistics with the loot system. It’s a nice addition and gives a reward style element to play.

The biggest reward with Injustice 2 however, is playing such and outstanding fighter.


If you like fighting games or are thinking of trying to get into one, start with Injustice 2. This is magnificent is all areas overall. The story telling along with the combat is once again the best element of the game. Plus there is just so much to keep you coming back for with all the fight modes and multiplayer options.

Gameplay wise it’s excellent. There are some balance issues that still hamper the game a little but it’s much better than the original. Super Moves can be tougher depending on who you play as. But these are tiny blemishes on what is amazing gameplay.

It’s a joy to play Injustice 2, the version of the DC Universe is good and dark with some really impressive storytelling and voice acting. Play this game and you won’t regret it. Check out my scores below and let me know who YOUR favourite characters are and mode is in the comments below (The Flash, Blue Beetle and Harley for me!).

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