I was very intrigued to get into this Immortal Unchained review. Playing a new action based RPG based set in a futuristic sci-fi world all sounds great. If that’s not enough, you get to play a hybrid warrior/gun-toting character that must explore the worlds, gather weapons and face bosses.

Ultimately you are a hero who must prevent the very destruction of the worlds by an impending cataclysmic event. This all sounds a really cool concept by Toadman Interactives, with Immortal Unchained now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Immortal Unchained does it’s best to play in the Dark Souls style too. However, in spite of this incredible concept. Immortal Unchained, sadly can’t quite deliver on it’s ideas as a package.

How does Immortal Unchained play?

Guns, Guns, Guns

From the onset, Immortal Unchained feels like Dark Souls. However, with caution, I say this. The basic theme is borrowed from Dark Souls. The GUI looks a bit like it, the whole fighting lots of challenging enemies in a third person perspective and then facing an end of level boss.

That’s the limitation of the similarity. You have to gather bits (like souls) and use obelisks (like bonfires).

If you’ve played Dark Souls you will notice very similar gameplay mechanics. However Immortal Unchained is not a quality product. The controls feel clumsy and slow. Targetting the enemies feels like a chore and when using the free aim mode I quickly became frustrated.

You’re supposed to aim at different parts of the body to hit weak spots and I found out quickly that switching on auto-aim made this incredibly easy, in fact too easy. The enemies feel lacklustre.

I didn’t like the slow gun loading mechanic or the complete lack of ammo. I always felt like I was being given new guns but no ammo. It would be fair to say that the game feels unfinished.

Presentation and Graphics

Immortal Unchained has a graphical style that I would like to the Sci-fi look of recent FPS games like Destiny and Wareframe MMO. Asset wise it looks very moody and dark.

However, the assets and textures are reused and I found lots of similarity in level design. The level design is often bland and uses darkness to hide distance and detail. At times Immortal Unchained felt uninspiring as I wandered the corridors and halls searching for enemies.

Graphically the frame rate is constant and I noticed no drops or tearing more than you would expect.

Main Features

The basic premise of the game is exploring a level, kill a lot of enemies, find the obelisks, upgrade weapons/skills then fight an end of level boss. This theme is repeated with slight variation in enemy numbers and a matter of different weapons.

Boss fights are not overly memorable, their mechanics were predictable and they often felt very underwhelming.

The game is a strictly a single player experience. The difficulty levels within the game are rather confusing. As different enemies seem to have different AI behaviours. For example, facing sniper, enemies were frustrating whereas facing other gun users too easy.

There were also times in the game where enemies spawned right in front of my player. By this I mean just popped into existence!

Overall Immortal Unchained is a rather repetitive and unpolished experience.

Should You Play Immortal Unchained

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Immortal Unchained is really a mess of a game. It has some good points and bad points. I really wanted to enjoy it, but it’s clunky controls, repetitive gameplay and mediocre content left me just wanting to forget about the whole experience.

Immortal Unchained wants to really be the next Dark Souls genre action RPG, sadly it won’t for the all the reasons I’ve mentioned.

Gamers who will suit this game…

If you’re the kind of gamer that will stick things through to the end. Have the ability to see past the inherent problems and gameplay limitations you might enjoy this game.

If you’re looking for a different spin on Dark Souls you may find some enjoyment. This game will test your patience and soul.

The GoodThe BadThe Bugs
Nice sci-fi themeRepetitive gameplayWeird enemy pop-ups
More guns than Arnie could handleClunky unresponsive controls
Dark souls homage with gunsInconsistent difficulty

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